Wet T-Shirt Dare

We had been partying at a friends house and the topic of the wet T-shirt contest at one of the clubs came up. The guys though we should all go down there and that I should enter the contest. At first I didn’t want to do it, saying all those girls are professional contestants, this is how they make their money and I wouldn’t stand a chance up against them. Well all the guys wanted to go and watch, so we all went down there to watch.

Being a little older than most of the girls that entered these contest, I still hold my own pretty good after having one child. I am a real blonde, don’t ask me to prove it, because I keep her pretty much shaved. I am by no means a hard body, but I am still shapely, with what I am told is a killer ass and wear a thong bikini with no problem at all. I have “C” breasts that don’t quite stand up there on their own anymore, but not one guy has ever turned their eyes away when I flash them, which I have been known to do when I drink.

We continued to drink, the contest didn’t start until 11:30, I was doing shots of tequila so I was feeling confident and ready to party, the guys turned to begging, daring me and calling me chicken, not one to pass on a dare let alone be called chicken, and I had been drinking more than plenty, agreed to it, hell I loved showing off my body and they all knew it, especially my husband. When it was time for the contestants to go get ready. I was wearing a pair of jeans, a little cropped button up shirt and sandals. After cutting up the shirt they provided, there wasn’t much left of it, I knew the jeans had to go if I wanted any chance at the prize money, most of the other girls had on bikini bottoms, thongs and panties…. none of which I had, so I made a thong sorta bikini bottom thing out of the left over T-shirt material.

We had a few minutes before the contest started so I ran out and gave my husband my clothes so that I would know where they were when the contest was over and I could quickly get dressed at the end of the contest and would not have to go to the back room again. I had done these contests before and had ended up mostly naked in the past. I got a lot of cheers from my cheering section and made a few more friends real quick as I giggled and wiggled across the club dance floor with my tits about to fall out the bottom of my shirt and nothing covering my ass but a couple of strings. I got another quick shot of courage and then went back stage, a few guys actually got a quick feel as they patted my ass for luck, yeah right, and told me I could be a winner. We had to wait another 15 minutes before all the BS was over and the contest started.

There were seven of us when we started, the first two girls started by pulling their shirts off, wiggling their thong bottoms at the guys and teasing a little, the third just keep flashing her tits but never did take it all the way off, she had a bikini bottom on to and the guys all booed her when she was done, yelling at her “no skin no win”. I was fourth and while the guy was wetting me down I ripped off my shirt and threw it to the crowd of people and danced around pulling on the wet bottoms causing the strings to disappear in my ass crack which in turned caused the guys to cheer louder when I bent over to show my ass. The next girl, a redhead with a killed tanned body, wore white lace thong panties that became almost non-existent as soon as they got wet. She too, lost her top soon after it got wet. The next two were no threat to me the first of which was so drunk she all most fell on her ass trying to get her top over her head, she wore jean short shorts and never showed her ass to the guys and the next one was a little on the heavy side, but she did put on a show by stripping to her birthday suit and bending over showing everyone her plumbing, up-close.

At the end of the first round I was having troubles keeping the now stretched out bottoms up, I kinda hooked them on my hips and let the wetness of the material keep it in place and I didn’t dare move for fear of losing them altogether. We were all wet down again together to let the judges decide who the finalists would be and we all danced more and my bottoms got more stretched out from being wet and me trying to impress the judges by showing more skin. I was selected for the finals with two other topless girls, one was a big airbag blonde who paid a lot for her very “D plus” tits and the redhead with “B”ish tits. The Blonde was one of the professional contestant, perfect make-up, tanned skin with no tan lines and she was wearing a thong bikini bottom. The redhead had on lace thong panties and she kept pinching her nipples and shaking them at the guys almost non-stop and I was almost in my home made thong, with the crotch hanging down pretty much showing everyone my shaved pussy.

The blonde went first, letting the guys pour water over her tits and down her ass crack, doing her bending and teasin thing, wiggling her thong covered ass at the judges. I went next, stepping into the pool, the guys poured the ice cold water on my tits which made me reach up allowing the sides of my bottoms to drop down a little below my pussy, my thighs together was the only thing that stopped them from falling all the way off, which made the guys cheer very loud, pulling them back up and keeping one hand on my bottoms at all times, trying my best to keep it in place and keep my snatch covered. When I danced by my hubby, he motioned me close to him and told me to lose the bottoms.

That was all I needed to hear, I was so turned on by all the cheering and comments I was hearing, I was in the mood to get naked completely and try and win the contest. So a moved closer to the center of the dance floor, pulled the sides out as far as I could and then let them drop to the floor. I lifted one foot out and then with the other foot kicked them in the air to the crowd.

The guys went wild and danced around the edge on the crowd keeping my distance so I didn’t get fondled or worse pulled into the crowd. But I allowed them to see my ass and what ever else they could when I bend down and grabbed my ankles, I want them all to see my pussy lips and ass hole, I was so wet at this point it wasn’t ice water running down my legs. I was totally enjoying myself as I worked them into a screaming frenzy. The red head ended up showing her neatly trimmed bush but didn’t strip like I did. The blonde ended up winning first place, she obviously knew all the judges up close and personnel and the crowd booed them. I ended up getting second place with $50 and a free $20 bar tab. I was happy because I knew who had really won.

The girls all headed back stage to change and get dressed. I went to get my clothes to put them on, but my husband had gone and put them in the truck as soon as I had left to return back stage. The pieces of T-shirt were long gone as well. I was begging for him to go and get me my clothes to put back on, but all the guys were telling me that “I didn’t need any clothes to wear, they have seen all me there is to see already” So I was left naked, horny, drunk and really didn’t care.

I did asked several times for him to go get my clothes, but he said he liked what I was wearing just fine. Well I had to go to the ladies room, I didn’t really want to go because it was on the other side of the bar and I knew it would be gauntlet trying to get there through all those guys wearing nothing but a smile. But I hadn’t had a chance to pee in several hours and I was about to bust. I asked my hubby to go with me, he told me to go by myself he wanted to watch me get through the crowd. I didn’t have time to argue it was them or pee right there, so off I went.

All the guys were stopping me, giving me hugs and telling me I should have won, of course they were feeling my naked ass at the same time, even guys I didn’t know had their hands on my ass. It was like my ass had a sign on it “Please Feel Me”. A few guys tried to finger me from behind while other guys were hugging me, I almost peed in their hands I had to go so bad. A few guys reached out a groped my tits as I walked by, pinching my already hard nipples and pulling on my tits. I just kept going push their hand down so I could get to the rest room.

When I came back out the ladies room my hubby was waiting for me, he asked if I needed help getting back to our table. I told him I needed help, but not getting back to the table. He pushed me against the wall in the little hall we were in and kissed me passionately probing my mouth with him tongue, he knows how horny that makes me, and placing two fingers against my clit and I parted my legs a little and told him to make me cum, he then pushed them deep into my pussy, using my own juices to allow him to enter me with no problem.

He was for the most part using his body to shield me from every ones view while he finger fucked me until I came and almost fell to the ground. He let me stand there for a few minutes till I was able to walk again. We had stayed about 30 minutes or so and I finally decided it was time to leave before we got in trouble, I was ready to do him right then and there.

We left with me walking naked with five guys to the truck through the parking lot next to a busy highway. It was a wild feeling to be so exposed in public and I didn’t care who saw me. Me and my husband went straight home for a little more fun there and on the way, leaving the other guys to fend for them self’s. I must admit it was one of the wildest nights I have ever had!