Wanted Older Ladies For Good Time

Tommy had placed the ad about a week ago and today he received his first reply. His ad read: “Wanted, older ladies, preferably over 55, to pose in erotic photo sessions, good $$$, looks not important, attitude is. Send a snapshot of yourself and your phone number to Box 33 in care of this newspaper.” Tommy looked at the photo that was enclosed with the letter sent by a fifty eight year old grandmother. “Mmmmm,” hummed to himself, “a little hefty, but not too bad.” The enclosed letter was from a lady named Emma Oetken. She was a widow and grandmother, who was looking for a little adventure in life. Her vitals were 58yo, 5’5″, 170lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, with measurements of 38DD-32-40. A well packed woman indeed, but for a first reply you could do a whole lot worse. Tommy picked up the phone and dialed the number listed in the letter, and after only three rings, it was answered by a woman with and average sounding voice. Tommy quickly introduced himself and asked her if she was indeed interested in posing in front of his camera. She enthusiastically replied in the affirmative, so they made and appointment to meet at Tommy’s house for the following afternoon at two o’clock. Tommy excitedly hung up the phone and began making plans for his first session.

At precisely two o’clock the door bell to Tommy’s front door rang while Emma Oetken nervously shifted her weight from one leg to the other, not too sure if this was such a hot idea after all! Before she could turn heal and get away, the door swung open and Tommy Chandler was inviting her inside. The first thing Tommy noticed about her, was that she had more gray hair than showed up in her picture, otherwise she looked just like her photo–matronly! “Please come in Mrs. Oetken,” Tommy said, as he ushered her towards the studio in the rear of the house, “right through that door, please sit down.” When they both were comfortably seated, Tommy asked, “Why do you want to pose for me Mrs. Oetken?” “Please call me Emma,” she replied, “if we’re going to be working together we might as well use each other’s first names, don’t you agree?” “Anyway,” she continued, “basically for the adventure, I can always use the money, but since Harry passed away last year, my life has been such a drag, and I just feel like breaking out of my shell!” “Okay,” replied Tommy with enthusiasm, “let’s get started right now, let’s just take some shots with your clothes on, just so you can get used to the camera,” Tommy offered, “and then we can go from there, all right, Emma?” “Sounds good to me,” she shot back, “let’s do it.”

For the next half hour Tommy took over thirty snaps of Emma in various poses. He had her posing in some of the positions she would be making when she was naked, and he was generally pleased with her attitude and willingness to take direction. When he felt they were both comfortable with the situation , he asked her, “Ready to take off a piece of clothing or two, Emma?” She nodded boldly, and answered, “Ready when you are Tommy, just give the word!” “Okay baby,” he replied soothingly, “let’s loose the blouse, slowly!” As Tommy snapped away, Emma unbuttoned her blouse and began to reveal her huge chest encased in her low cut lace bra. Her breast spilled out over the top of the cups, squished together, making her cleavage look even more impressive, and when her blouse was finally on the floor, Tommy gave a low whistle and said, “Baby you look so sexy, those boobs would give a statue a hardon.” Emma blushing, turned a bright shade of red upon hearing Tommy’s sexy comment, so when he asked her to slip of her skirt, she immediately unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. Tommy was a little taken back when he saw what Emma had hidden under her skirt, instead of the usual panty hose, Emma wore a garter belt, hose, and very sexy over sized bikini panties! Even though she had a round paunchy belly, the sight of an older grand motherly type, dressed in lingerie deemed more appropriate for a twenty year old was unbelievably erotic, and although he was working, Tommy couldn’t have stopped getting and erection even if he had wanted to!

“You really came ready to work,” commented Tommy, as he clicked away, his auto advance buzzing after each shot. “Okay honey,” he ordered, “take off your bra please!” Emma, looking directly into the camera, reached around and unhooked the four clasps on her over worked piece of under wear, and slowly dropped it away from her huge breasts. Tommy involuntarily sucked in air when he saw the huge jugs, but continued snapping away as Emma made even more provocative poses. Cupping her big boobs, she offered them to the lens, her huge nipples obscenely hard, like two little erect dicks. This time without being asked, she reached down and slipped off her white lace panties, exposing a huge vee of brown and gray pubic hair that caused Tommy to make an audible gulp that made Emma smile! “She’s getting into it,” thought Tommy, while his pecker making a tent in his pants, “can you lay back down on the pillows and spread your legs,” he asked her, while exchanging cameras, having run out of film in the first one. When he turned around she was on her back with her legs spread wide apart, exposing her huge hairy vagina. This time, as he shot, she asked him a question, “You like,” while rubbing the inside of her large thighs, “do you like grandma’s pussy!?!” “Very much,” he croaked, finding it hard to get the words out of his tightening dry throat!

What occurred next wasn’t planned, it just happened as Emma stretched out her arms towards him and in a very sexy low voice said, “Come to grandma, she needs that big cock hiding in your pants!” Tommy didn’t need another invitation, he put down the camera and stripped off his clothes, with his big pecker sticking up at a 45 degree angle. “Oh baby,” she cooed, “give grandma that big dick, she needs it so much.” As he slid on top of her, he couldn’t help but feel her soft body cushioning his with its soft rolls of fat. She reached down to guide his member into her slit, rubbing it up and down her wet hole, moaning as he pushed it past her outer lips and into her nether region. When he was sure his head was safely inside, he plunged in all the way, making her scream as his big pecker bottomed out, all eight inches buried deep inside her love canal. “Oh my god, fuck me,” she pleaded, “fuck me hard, I haven’t been fucked in over a year.” Just hearing her pleading for his cock made Tommy hot with lust for the old woman, and he could not believe how hot she was! Never in his life had he had a woman as hot as Emma Oetken. As he stroked away, she lifted one of her big tits to his face and put a nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it greedily, his cock now acting like a piston, slamming in and out of her sloppy wet cunt! They were driving each other to orgasm, and right now the only thing on either of their minds was releasing the unbelievable sexual tension deep in their crotches, Emma, because she hadn’t been fucked since her husband died, and Tommy because of the new experience of fucking and older woman!

Tommy’s nut sack tightened up when his cummed jetted into Emma’s steaming vagina, his grunting letting her know that her stud boy was filling her with cum, which of course quite naturally caused her own sex organs to spasm, a huge orgasm ripping through her cock hungry cunt! Tommy kept battering away until the last bit of semen dribbled out of his now spent pecker, while Emma hugged him, thanking him for the fucking of her life! Tommy rolled off her, reached for a pack of Marlboros and lit one up, inhaled deeply, and offered it to Emma. They lay together smoking the cigarette, not saying a word until they had finished it.

“Too bad you didn’t get a picture of that,” offered Emma, snuggling against Tommy while resting her head on his chest! He laughed and replied, “Oh but we did my dear, I started the video camera when we first started shooting!” She snuggled closer, and let her hand brush across his now hardening pecker and sighed, “Mmmm, I guess we don’t want to waste any tape, do we?!?” Tommy closed his eyes, and replied, “No Emma, my love, we wouldn’t want to do that.!”

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