The Commuter Bus

Trudy awoke to the soft classical music on the alarm clock radio. As she lay there thinking about the last evening with Ginger and Scott, Trudy realized she was very horny today and needed a stiff cock in her aching pussy.

Trudy climbed out of her bed and went to the patio window to look at the morning sunshine in the wooded yard outside her apartment.

“It was going to be warm today, she thought.” as she went to take a shower.

Trudy stood under the stream of hot water in the shower. The spray felt good on her skin as the hot water cascaded down her back, past her tiny waist, and rolled off the rounded cheeks of her tight buttocks. She lathered her ample, firm breasts with the soap and picked up the large sponge on the shelf under the shower spray. Rubbing her firm, soft breasts with the sponge, her thoughts went to Scott again.

His cock was so large, as she rubbed it through his slacks last night; she remembered how she could feel the heat of his organ through the thin material. She brought the sponge across her tiny waist and flat tummy and down to the tuft of blond hair on her soft, aroused pussy.

Resting a foot on the edge of the ledge of the shower, she rubbed the sponge around her little mound and across the outer lips of her pussy. She thought about what it would be like with Scott’s’ hand rubbing her there. Her pussy was getting very hot as she fantasized about his big cock shooting his hot come into her. She turned off the water and grabbed a bath towel to dry her soft, tingling body.

She went into the bedroom to dress for work. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she put on her lipstick and carefully applied her mascara. Trudy finished combing her long, blond hair and went to the closet to get a skirt and blouse.

As she put on a yellow, nylon blouse she decided to not button the top because she liked the sexy way her breasts would shake the loose, thin material as she moved. Then she pulled on a ruffled, yellow mini-skirt with black polka dots past her narrow hips and fastened it around her tiny waist. Slipping into a pair of plain, black high heel shoes she crossed the bedroom to her dresser and took out a pair of pink, black trimmed panties. After pulling on the panties, she stepped in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection.

“Such a hot looking babe.” she thought as she examined the sexy, blonde girl in the mirror wearing the soft, yellow blouse, opened to reveal a hint of her soft cleavage peeking past the loose, nylon fabric.

Gazing down, past her narrow waist to her flared polka-dot mini-skirt, she thought about the way Scott looked at her last night when she showed him her new panties. Gazing at the ruffle on the hem of her bright yellow skirt which stopped at the tops of her tanned slim thighs, she thought about his big cock again and the bulge it made in his clothes. She could feel the wetness in her little pussy building, as she looked at the image of her gorgeous blonde body.

She reached past the hem and touched her hot, wet pussy through the little nylon panties. Rubbing the tiny opening at the top of her cunt gently, she noticed how her full breasts would heave, as her breathing became faster from the excitement building in her aching pussy.

She rubbed the sensitive, pink clitoris beneath the thin border of her panties for a moment, then reached under her little flared skirt, and pulled down her panties. She lifted her leg to take them off and stepped out of the wispy panties, leaving them lay on the floor. After taking one last look at the reflection of her freshly made-up face, the silky, yellow blouse, and very short mini-skirt, she left for her job at the office.

The bus was very crowded with business men and people going downtown to work. There was no seat available, so she worked herself past several men in suits to the back of the bus and grabbed a rail in the crowded isle.

There was a man directly in front of her wearing a neat brown business suit. Beside her, were more men in suits standing with blank expressions on their faces as they rode the large bus towards their offices. Behind her, she could feel the presence of more men standing in the close quarters, bumping her occasionally, from the rocking action of the bus, as it hurried down the street.

She suddenly felt a warm hand on the skin at the back of her thigh and was startled at first. Nevertheless, the warm hand, as it gently rubbed the soft skin of her thigh, felt good to her. She dared not look behind her for fear he would stop, but she wondered which man was doing this to her.

“Was it the man in the black suit directly behind her, or could it be the fellow sitting in the seat next to her, reading a newspaper.” she wondered.

The strange, warm, strong hand slowly drifted to the damp, soft skin between her tingling thighs and massaged the smooth skin just below her dampening, horny pussy hiding under her flared, yellow skirt. As the warm hand massaged the soft skin, her pussy became very wet.

Then she felt his fingers travel up under her skirt, touching the sparse, blond hair at he opening of her naked sex. She gasped as her breathing quickened at the persistent rubbing near her little, wet pussy. The mysterious, warm hand continued up the back of her ruffled skirt and rested on the firm, fleshy cheeks of her little ass, naked under the sexy, ruffled skirt she was wearing.

She took a deep breath, as the hand squeezed the warm, firm globes of her cheeks. She could hear faintly, his breathing get heavier, as he rubbed the soft, warm flesh under her skirt. She felt the mans’ hand drifting back down the deep valley between her soft, round cheeks to her now, very hot pussy. His fingers lingered there, before they probed into the warm, slippery, wetness inside her.

As his fingers rubbed between the wet, outer lips of Trudy’s’ pussy, she moaned softly and closed her eyes, As she held tightly to the rail with both of her hands. Unconsciously, she pushed her little bottom rhythmically against the probing hand. As his fingers rubbed the opening of her wet pussy back and forth, she could faintly hear, above the noise of the crowded bus, the sound of a zipper opening behind her.

Suddenly the hand was gone and she started to turn around when she felt his body pressing against her back, pushing against her soft, rounded butt, draped only by the ruffles of her little yellow skirt. Then she felt the heat from the head of his hot, engorged prick as it pushed against the wet opening of her pussy from behind her.

As the crowded, noisy bus rocked gently, She could feel the strangers cock push and enter her hot, wet opening from behind, sliding easily along the slippery channel of her soaked pussy under the brief skirt. She wondered if he could see her naked ass from where he was standing. Trudy felt relief as she saw the fellow sitting down next to her, still reading his newspaper and apparently not noticing the lewd display in front of him.

The thick cock pushed in a little further and a hand again, squeezed the warm fleshy cheeks under her skirt. The rocking of the bus made his cock slide back and forth in her tight, wet pussy as Trudy flushed with sexual excitement. Trudy pushed back against the engorged, hard cock and sighed heavily to the gentle, rocking rhythm of the thick, probing organ sliding inside her soaked pussy.

Trudy bit on her lower lip, as his cock began to thrust deep into her hot, wet vagina, to stifle the moans she started to utter. His hands on her ass, under her short skirt, squeezed and pulled her soft, naked ass firmly against him. Suddenly, she heard him groan behind her as she felt the spurts of warm semen shooting against the walls inside of her pulsating cunt. She stifled a loud moan, as she felt her vagina tighten and begin the rhythmic spasms of orgasm around the thick, shooting penis deep inside her. She bent forward slightly as she hung on to the rail, and pushed her throbbing pussy hard against him.

After a brief moment, she felt him withdraw his now softening, wet cock followed by the familiar sound of a zipper behind her. Regaining her composure, she turned her head around to see her strange lover. However, there wasn’t a clue to indicate which of the several men behind her had just screwed her so well from behind. Come was dripping down her leg as her bus came to her stop. She looked behind her one more time for a glimpse of the owner of that wonderful cock and, not being able to tell which one of the suits it was, worked her way to the exit at the back of the bus. She could not avoid rubbing against the dark suits on her way to the exit, her hard nipples brushed against the smooth material inside her loose, nylon blouse. Breathless from her erotic experience, she squeezed by the crowd of business men.

Stepping off the bus into the sunshine, she smoothed down the ruffles of her little skirt and walked the short distance to her office. As she walked down the bright sidewalk, lined by tall office buildings on the busy street, her body was still warm from sexual excitement.

Her breasts shook wildly in her thin, yellow blouse, as her inflamed nipples brushed the soft nylon material, bringing her close to another orgasm.

A mild breeze was gently blowing against her face and she noticed how it would occasionally pick up the ruffles of her flared mini-skirt, exposing the little, blond hairs of her swollen pussy. She smiled at the nerve of that strange man taking such liberties with her body and was glad she had left her panties at home today.