The Big Game

You saunter through the room and hand me my 3rd beer. I have a nice buzz on as I stare up into your eyes, ‘Thanks babe,’ I say as I take it and set it next to me. You are wearing a dangerously short black skirt, and a tight red spaghetti strap top. Your nipples are hard and poking out for all to see. You don’t care, you like showing them off.

‘No problem, sweetie,’ you say as you turn and head back to the kitchen. My eyes aren’t the only ones watching as you disappear.

‘You are one lucky guy, Dustin,’ a friend says.

‘Fuck yeah,’ says another. Smiling broadly at the compliments. Maybe it’s the beer, but I drop a bombshell and say,

‘And she’s not wearing any underwear.’ The room explodes, the guys hooting and hollering. You run back into the room. We all quiet down.

Andy says, ‘Uhh, the Redskins just sacked the quarterback.’ And with that you head back to the kitchen. Then he turns to me and in a whisper, ‘You’re fucking with us.’ All the guys lean forward to hear my answer.

‘Nope. I told her no underwear and she’s not wearing any.’ The guys shake their heads. I notice Dave and Jim adjusting their pants. I think their getting erections, but I’m not about to ask. I take another swig of beer. ‘She loves not wearing underwear. Gets her hot. She fucks like an animal when she’s gone a day without wearing them.’ The guys all take a long drink of beer.

‘No fucking way. You’re lying,’ says Derek.

‘Watch,’ I reply. I call to you and you strut in.

‘You called lover?’ you ask. I motion you over to me. You bend down and I grab you and pull you forward. Bending at the knees I lock my lips on your. My tongue slips into your mouth. You struggle a bit, then kiss me fully. While we are kissing I pull up the bottom of your skirt, without you realizing it. I let go of you.

‘That’s all I wanted.’

‘Are you sure?’ you ask in a sultry, thrusting a hip in my direction. Laughing I pat your bottom as I send you away. When you’re gone I turn to Andy.


‘You weren’t lying,’ he says, then adds, ‘Dudes she’s totally shaved.’ The hooting begins again, but this time you don’t come into the room. I sit back to watch the game. As I take another pull from the bottle, Jim gets up and leaves.

In the kitchen you are standing with your back to the door. Your eyes are closed and your hand is between your legs. Gently rubbing your clit, thinking about my kiss. Imagining after the game when everyone leaves and you have me all to yourself. Dreaming of my hard cock pounding your tight pussy. You feel a body press up against you and you feel a cock press into your ass. A hand reaches around and begins to massage your clit. Groaning you press back against the hard cock nestled between your cheeks.

‘D, lets go to the bedroom,’ you whisper.

‘Let’s go.’

Gasping you pull away and turn to see Jim standing there smiling. Flustered, but excited, you say, ‘Get out of here Jim. What the fuck were you doing?’

‘Just came in for another beer.’ Smiling he takes one from the cooler and heads back. You stand there, pissed, but excited.

Jim sits down next to Andy and begins whispering in his ear. After a moment Andy gets up and leaves. I continue to watch the game joking with Derek about the Eagles cheerleaders.

Andy walks into the kitchen. You are sitting watching the door. Without saying a word, Andy grabs a beer and walks over to you. He sits next to you and asks, ‘Everything Ok Marla?’

‘Oh, yeah, I’m just a bit lonely in here by myself.’

‘Come join us then,’ Andy says and puts his hand on your thigh. You don’t move it, but you do open your legs a bit. His hand slowly traces up your thigh, ‘we would love to have your company. We would love to have you in there with us.’ His fingers lightly touch your lips and as they stroke you, getting all wet, you pull his hand away.

‘Get out of here Andy,’ she said. Smiling he grabs his beer and goes. When he gets back in he sees Jim and Dave talking. Both are smiling as they look up at him. Andy lifts his fingers and licks them quickly. Dave gets up to leave. Andy sits next to Derek and leans into him.

Dave walks into the kitchen and walks right up to you. You shuddering inwardly because you know what he wants to do and you’ve decided to let him. You know it is wrong, but you are so very excited. Dave walks right over and stands next to you. He grabs you, pulls you up and locks his lips against yours, pressing his cock into your belly. It is so big pressing into you. His tongue feels good in your mouth and your hands run down to caress his cock through his jeans. His hands move to the sides of your skirt, pulls it up and begins to massage your ass.

Realizing what you are doing, you pull away from Dave. You don’t say a thing and neither does he. Smiling he leaves. Your knees are weak and your pussy is drenched. As Dave leaves you see Derek enter. He is big and black and the bulge in his pants is enormous. As he gets close you try to go around him. He grabs your arm and holds you there.

‘It’s my turn,’ he says. He pulls you to him and pulls up his shirt. The head of his cock is showing just above his waistband. He pulls your head forward and places your lips at his cock. This is so very wrong, but you are so turned on and he is so big. The smell from his cock is strong. It’s musky and intoxicating. Involuntarily your mouth opens and your tongue begins to lick its length. Your pussy juice start to flow as your mouth opens. Your lips wrap around his massive head and begin to suck. Your tongue laps up his pre-cum when you feel another man behind you pressing his cock into your ass. You pull back expecting to see me, but instead it’s Andy again.

You pull away from them both eyes wide open. They are smiling and move toward you, but you run out into the living room. They don’t follow. You rush over and grab me by the hand. You pull me up out of my seat and drag me back to the bedroom. I notice your skirt is pulled up over your hips. I look back and see Derek and Andy come out of the kitchen. My cock hardens as anger gathers inside of me.

You slam the bedroom door behind us and lock it. You grab my pants and tear at them wildly. Pulling me to you your lips lock onto mine. Your tongue tastes funny. It tastes like it does after you’ve sucked on me. I realize what you have been doing with my friends. Anger boils up inside of me.

‘You want to fuck, huh Marla?’ I ask through clenched teeth.

‘Yes, I want you to fuck me,’ you breathe, mad with lust. Tearing down my pants you free my cock. In a heartbeat you are on your knees sucking on my cock. My hands are on the back of your head, pumping my cock in and out of your mouth. I am so close to cumming, but I stop you. I push you away. You look up at me pleading. Soft whimpers are escaping your mouth, like a dog begging for love from its master.

I pull off all my clothes, grab you by your hair and throw you to the bed. I push your shirt above your tits. I suck on them as I pull your skirt off. Your hands are on my head holding me to you, pressing your breasts into my face. Biting your nipples. Your legs are open and thrusting up at me.

‘Fuck me,’ you growl, ‘Jam your big cock into my wet pussy, please Dustin please.’

‘I want to tie you down first,’ I say.

‘Anything, anything you want, just fuck me,’ begging your legs open and pussy so wet and open. I grab some scarves and tie your hands to the bedposts. I open your legs and slide half of my cock into you. A loud moan escapes your lips. I place your legs on my shoulders, bend forward and plunge the entire length of my cock into your drenched pussy.

‘AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!” you scream as I bury myself into you. I start pounding into your hot cunt. Sawing in and out. Over and over I thrust. You’re crying it feels so good. Thrusting up into you, pulling back out. Moaning so loudly, pulling against the ties. Sliding my cock into your pussy, pulling all the way out.

‘You love my cock, don’t you Marla’

‘Yes I love your cock.’

‘You love being fucked.’

‘Yes I love being fucked’

‘You want all their cocks don’t you.’

‘Yes, all of them’ you say, but you aren’t really listening. The pleasure is too intense, I can feel you cumming as I slam into you. You thrust up to meet me. I can feel your pussy tighten as I slam deep into you.

‘Fuck me so deep,’ you scream. Slamming in and out of you, I can feel myself cumming as your orgasm ends. I throw your legs off to the side and pull out of you. I climb up onto your chest. Smiling you know what I am going to do, you open your mouth.

‘Cum all over my face Dustin. Shower me with your spunk. I love it. I love it!’ and I jack off above you. My thighs tighten around you as my cock explodes. Thick ropes of sticky white cum drench your face. Spurting all over you, gluing your eyes shut. My cum lands in your hair, on your cheeks. With your mouth open you turn your head from side to side and my cum covers you. The last bits dribble out onto your tongue. You close your mouth and swallow it down. I slip my head between your lips as you suck the last bits of cum from my cock.

I pull out and get off of you. Your tongue is licking your lips trying to get to the cum that is on your cheeks and chin. As you try to get it into your mouth I open the door. My friends are all piled there listening. They are embarrassed that they’ve been caught.

‘Come on in and look at my cum slut,’ they gather around and look at you naked and covered with cum. They start to talk calling you a sexy slut and that you look good with a face covered with cum.

‘What the fuck are you doing Dustin, get them out of here!’ you scream. Pulling at the scarves that hold you down. You are almost crying and you feel so humiliated, naked with them staring at you. Andy pulls me off to the side so I can’t see the bed. As he is talking to me I hear you cry out. I turn and there is Jim between your legs, pumping his cock in and out of you. I move to you, but Andy holds onto me, ‘this is what she wanted man,’ and I realize he is right. You said you wanted them all.

As Jim pumps his cock in and out of you the others get undressed. Your cries of help soon turn to cries of passion as your hips move up to meet his thrusts. Derek has his cock at your mouth and starts to shove it in. Sliding your lips over it. He is so very big you can only get part of it into your mouth. He takes you by the hair and is sliding his cock in and out of your mouth as Jim pumps his cock in and out of your pussy.

Walking up to Derek I whisper, ‘She likes it rough.’ And with a smile he grabs your hair tightly and begins ramming his cock into your mouth. You gag as he forces its length into your mouth. He jams it down your throat and as you open to accommodate him you can feel Jim empty his cum in your pussy. As his seed pumps into you it triggers another orgasm. You are cumming and trying to milk both cocks of their cum. Jim falls away and is replaced by Dave. He opens your legs wide and slides his cock into you. It isn’t very long, but its thick and he pounds into you. It is so thick it hurts and you’re glad to have Jim’s cum as a lubricant.

Derek is pumping on the bit of his cock that he can’t jam into your mouth. His hand is on the back of your head pulling it us so that you are almost fucking him with your face. He’s pumping his cock and he begins to tense up.

‘She likes it on her face I say,’ but Derek ignores me. He pulls you up and drops his body forward, slamming to the back of your throat. Chocking on his dick you feel it expand then empty his load into you. You open your throat as best you can to take it all in, but it’s too much. You are chocking on his big black dick and all the cum he is dumping into you. Your eyes tear up, you’ve never had this much cock or cum at once. It hurts and his cock keeps emptying into your throat.

You concentrate on keeping your throat open as you feel Dave cum inside of you. His cock expands and it feels like he’s ripping you in two, but the cum in both ends causes your body to quiver and another orgasm starts. Suddenly Derek and Dave are off of you. You start to cough, spewing up a huge blob of cum onto your lips and chin. Coughing as Andy mounts you and we all watch.

He slides his cock into you and I grab one of your legs. Jim grabs the other and we hold you wide as if your legs were tied down. We lift you up and pull your legs back. You are completely open and you clit it totally exposed. He rams into you so deep, you start to scream.

‘AAAGGGHHHH, fuck me, oh God fuck me!!!” and he rams into you. Over and over. Our cocks are all rock hard watching as he slams into you. In and out he pumps into you. I look over at the guys and look at him fucking you so deep. I yell to him.

‘Pull out, we don’t want her pussy too wet.’ Grinning Andy pumps you a bit more then pulls out. He jacks his cock and cums all over your belly. He takes and rubs the cum that dribbles out onto your clit causing your body to shave with pleasure.

He steps back and we look at you. I untie your wrists and you roll over to you r side. I tell Derek to lie down. We take you in our arms. You are limp in our hands, putty. You are our complete plaything to use as we wish. We pull you over Derek and his huge cock stretches your pussy. You try to pull away, but we don’t let you. He holds you as you sink onto his huge cock. Shortly you are bouncing up and down on him. I move up behind and press you forward. My cock is at your ass. With no warning, I jam my cock up into you. You are lubricated with cum, but it is still rough. You scream out in pain and pleasure. Derek and I are soon in a perfect rhythm, moving in and out of you. Pumping our cocks into you, pulling out. Slamming into you, pulling out. Suddenly there are flashes off to my right as I see Jim taking our picture. He moves in to get pictures of your face caked in cum but moaning in pleasure.

Soon I am filling you ass with cum. As I empty my load I feel Derek cum too. Exhausted I pull out. I stagger backward and Jim, Andy and Dave move up. Derek pushes you off of him. Andy lies down and pulls you onto him. Dave slams his thick cock up your ass. You start to cry it hurts so much, but you open to him. Suddenly Jim is sliding his cock into your mouth. In and out the three move. You are over come with passion.

Derek and I watch as they pound you. It is surprising how quickly they get into a rhythm. Two cocks are in you completely at all times. The third alternating. They slide in and out of you and this time it is my turn to take pictures. Smiling I see you totally overcome with lust. I see Jim tense up as he empties another load of cum into your mouth. He steps back. Andy and Dave cum at the same time. In moments they are done emptying into you. They pull away.

You lay on the bed and I take some more pictures as cum leaks out of your ass and pussy. Close ups of your gaping ass and open cunt. The smell of sex is overpowering. I look to the guys and ask if they want any more. They don’t they are tired and cum covered. The passion has gone and one by one they gather their clothes and slip out.

‘Do you need help to the shower?’ I ask tenderly.

‘I don’t want one,’ and I am surprised at that answer. ‘I want to feel there cum on me and in me.’ You are smiling as you rub the cum into your skin. I see you reach down and scoop a blob of cum from between your legs. You bring your hand to your face and lick it down. I am so aroused by you being covered in cum and loving it so much. I start to stroke myself.

‘You were so hot. I loved watching you fuck all those guys.’

‘I loved it too. I loved their cum and their cocks,’ and you rub your clit slowly. You are so tired, but you still want more. I continue to jerk on my cock.

‘You are my lovely little cum slut.’

‘Yes Dustin, say it again,’ and your hand moves faster on your clit. I move to straddle your chest. I press your tits together and use the cum that is there to lubricate my cock, ‘Yes,’ you whisper.

‘You are a cum slut, Marla. You are a slutty little whore,’ my cock and your hand moving faster, ‘You are a dirty little cunt whore that needs to be fucked and gang banged over and over again.’

I hear you whimpering as you get close to another orgasm, ‘yes, oh yes,’

‘You’re a cock whore. A cum slut. An anal bitch,’ my hips pumping your tits furiously, my hands digging into your flesh, ‘whore, you fucking whore,’ I repeat over and over again and I pump my cock between your tits.

‘I’m cumming!’ I yell.

‘Give me your cum, Dustin, please give it to me,’ you beg.

I slide my cock into your mouth. Your lips clamp around it and suck as my balls empty into your mouth. Sucking on my your finger tickle your clit to another orgasm. We cum together.

‘You little, fucking slut,’ I whisper as you suck the last of my cum into your mouth. Smiling up at me you reply,

‘Yes, I am your slut. Your cum slut. Anything for your cum.’ I get off of you and sit next to you. I watch as you rub and massage the cum into your face and skin. It is so very sexy. I lie down next to you and pull you to me.

‘When’s the next party?’ you ask.

‘Next week of course,’ I reply. And, giggling you grab hold of my cock again.

‘You are always so hard.’

‘That’s because I’m with you.’ Laughing we lie there in bed together until we fall asleep.