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The Big Game

You saunter through the room and hand me my 3rd beer. I have a nice buzz on as I stare up into your eyes, ‘Thanks babe,’ I say as I take it and set it next to me. You are wearing a dangerously short black skirt, and a tight red spaghetti strap top. Your nipples are hard and poking out for all to see. You don’t care, you like showing them off.

‘No problem, sweetie,’ you say as you turn and head back to the kitchen. My eyes aren’t the only ones watching as you disappear.

‘You are one lucky guy, Dustin,’ a friend says.

‘Fuck yeah,’ says another. Smiling broadly at the compliments. Maybe it’s the beer, but I drop a bombshell and say,

‘And she’s not wearing any underwear.’ The room explodes, the guys hooting and hollering. You run back into the room. We all quiet down.

Andy says, ‘Uhh, the Redskins just sacked the quarterback.’ And with that you head back to the kitchen. Then he turns to me and in a whisper, ‘You’re fucking with us.’ All the guys lean forward to hear my answer.

‘Nope. I told her no underwear and she’s not wearing any.’ The guys shake their heads. I notice Dave and Jim adjusting their pants. I think their getting erections, but I’m not about to ask. I take another swig of beer. ‘She loves not wearing underwear. Gets her hot. She fucks like an animal when she’s gone a day without wearing them.’ The guys all take a long drink of beer.

‘No fucking way. You’re lying,’ says Derek.

‘Watch,’ I reply. I call to you and you strut in.

‘You called lover?’ you ask. I motion you over to me. You bend down and I grab you and pull you forward. Bending at the knees I lock my lips on your. My tongue slips into your mouth. You struggle a bit, then kiss me fully. While we are kissing I pull up the bottom of your skirt, without you realizing it. I let go of you.

‘That’s all I wanted.’

‘Are you sure?’ you ask in a sultry, thrusting a hip in my direction. Laughing I pat your bottom as I send you away. When you’re gone I turn to Andy.


‘You weren’t lying,’ he says, then adds, ‘Dudes she’s totally shaved.’ The hooting begins again, but this time you don’t come into the room. I sit back to watch the game. As I take another pull from the bottle, Jim gets up and leaves.