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Replaying Debts

I stopped by my brother Will’s apartment to return some money that he’d lent me. On my way there I ran into one of his roommates, David I think, on his way out with a group of people. He said that Will was at work right now, but I could either wait in the apartment or just leave the money. I wanted to be sure that the money made it into Will’s hands, so I opted to wait. David said that Paul would let me in and hurried off with his friends.

I rang the doorbell and Paul let me in. I had to make a conscious effort to keep my jaw from dropping at the sight of Paul. He had obviously been working out because he was dressed in a muscle shirt and shorts. His body glistened with sweat. I had had no idea that he was so well built. I had only met Paul a couple of time before and he was always in sweats.

I asked Paul, “Do you mind if I wait for Will to get home from work?”

“Not at all. I could use a break.”

“Don’t stop on my account. You don’t need to keep me company, I’m a big girl. Besides, I wouldn’t want to ruin your workout.”

“I don’t mind. I was almost done anyway. Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure. Whatever you’re having.”

My eyes follow Paul out of the room. When he is out of sight I have to take a deep breath. I am starting to have a wonderful idea of how to kill time waiting for Will.

I take off my jacket and look down at my outfit. I am very glad that I was wearing the button-down shirt and tight jeans which showed off my legs nicely. I undid another button, revealing the tops of my breasts. I sat down on the couch and waited for Paul to return with my drink.

When he returned Paul was wearing his usual sweats again, much to my disappointment. I comforted myself with the thought that soon he would be wearing even less than what I had seen a few minutes ago. He handed me a beer and sat down on a chair across from me.

We start off with small talk. Polite ‘getting to know you better’ conversation. Before too long I bring up the ever important question, does he have a girlfriend…

“Not at the moment,” he replies in a disheartening tone. “My girlfriend dumped me a few weeks ago.”

‘Yes, I can play the sympathy card,’ I think to myself, but to him I say, “I’m sorry to hear that. It is her loss. She has obviously made a huge mistake. What girl wouldn’t want you?”