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Cindy Loosens Up

My wife and I met in high school. I was a football stud and a party animal. She was an honors student and painfully shy. I actually approached her because I felt sorry for her at some party that her friends had dragged her to. She just stood in a corner and looking down at the floor. I walked up and started a conversation. It did not take long to realize how beautiful and sweet she was. I gave up my hound dog ways and decided that I had found what I had been searching for all along.

Our relationship was very innocent at first. She was completely inexperienced so I was gentle and patient with her. She did not have a clue as to her beauty. The first time I saw her without her clothes it took my breath away. She is blonde and petite with a very tight body. Her breasts were the perfect fit for my hands. They are quite firm and so responsive that her nipples get hard from just a kiss on her lips. Her blue eyes are so deep that they seem to engulf me. Six years later I still cannot get enough of kissing her.

Like I said she was shy. She had only been kissed once before me. I, on the other hand, had spread my oats both far and wide. It took a month before I made it inside her bra, three months before she would touch my dick with her hand, and three weeks after that before I touched her perfect pussy.

We did not have sex until we were married.

Two years after our first date!

I had an unbelievable set of blue balls. I just have to say thank god for porn! On our wedding night we had the clumsiest sex of my life. I did not come and she bled all over our wedding bed. Not one for the memory book.

As time went on we got better. After several months of missionary I introduced a new position, she was hesitant at first but soon learned to enjoy being on top. Getting her to blow me was a chore. She never let me cum in her mouth.

Good thing I loved her so much. In every other way she was perfect. She was a wonderful cook and fastidiously clean. She loved the same movies I did. Laughed at my jokes. And loved me completely. I never even contemplated cheating on her. But I did buy more porn.

I became somewhat of a regular at the local adult video store. I even befriended one of the clerks. He was a large black guy name of Roscoe. He was far more articulate and educated then I would have expected for a guy working in that business. He was an easy guy to talk to and I often found myself laughing out loud at the stories he told of some of the odder patrons. He also titillated me with stories of some of the women that occasionally showed up.