Strip Night

My girlfriend Deanna and I had been partying for several hours. We were bar hopping on the strip, drinking and dancing to our wild hearts desires. Deanna was in a wraparound skirt with a thong bikini underneath and a button up half sweater with no bra. Both of us rubbed strange bodies and felt strange hands on every jam-packed dance floor. We could see in each others eyes that we were horny, dripping sweat and ready to do it.

After midnight we began to tire of the dance scene and were planning our next move. Since Deanna had been drinking and seemed open to new things I suggested a strip club just for fun. To my surprise she accepted my offer and off we went. She had never been in a strip club so I picked one of the more classy and expensive ones around so it would be a nice experience.

The doorman couldn’t take his eyes off Deanna’s long legs as we entered. She is 5’9″ tall with strong tan legs that go on forever. The 36c breasts bouncing under the sweater also grabbed his attention. The club was packed already and we grabbed one of the few couches left. We sipped on a bottle of Crown Royal we had carried all night and watched some of the on stage dancers. I rubbed Deanna’s body as we lay back and took in all the sights. She squirmed from my touch and began to softly moan as I would “accidentally” brush her nipples or let my hand drift close to her crotch. The alcohol was having an effect. She had watched several of the couch dances around us including one with 2 dancers rubbing each other. A few dancers asked if we were ready, but Deanna was still a little nervous and I turned them down. I finally told Deanna we should get at least one dance just so she could experience it and she agreed.

We watched several of the girls and picked out one we both liked. I explained to the girl that Deanna was a little nervous and we just wanted a sexy table dance right in front of our couch. I didn’t want to scare Deanna away our first time by having a strange girl dancing in her lap. The stripper slowly began twirling in her sheer dress and I wrapped my hands around Deanna and placed them on her belly, pulling her against me.

The dancer sexily slid the dress from her shoulders and down her body. As she did this I rubbed my hands lightly up and down Deanna’s arms and legs. I could see Deanna’s hardened nipples under her sweater as we watched the dancer bending and stretching and showing off for us. The bikini top came off and whispering I asked Deanna what she thought of the girl’s breasts. I let my hands slide under the bottom of the sweater and touch the bottom of Deanna’s breasts. She offered no resistance and after a minute suddenly turned around and gave me a wet full tongue kiss. She was turned on by the sexy show just as much as I was.

Our dancer finished her number with a final strip of her thong and then a full leg spread right in front of us. As the dancer spread her legs I let one hand drop to the soft inside of Deanna’s thigh. She clamped her legs shut but squirmed back against me, and I could feel the heat of her horny pussy by my hand. After the dancer left Deanna again turned and gave me a full tongue kiss and told me she liked the dance and thought it was sexy. I asked if she would give me a private dance when we got home and my answer was her tongue again in my mouth and then slowly down my neck.

Deanna went to the bathroom and I watched many eyes follow her, including several of the ladies. When she returned another dancer followed her and Deanna told me she had paid for one more dance before we left. I couldn’t complain and settled back to watch the show. I looked over Deanna’s shoulder as I held her and noticed a couple extra buttons undone on the sweater. Soft white mounds were plainly visible and I told her how sexy she was. Our new dancer was definitely sexy and a lot bolder.

She began her dance on our couch standing over us, and I let my hands touch the bottom of Deanna’s breasts again. The body directly above us entranced Deanna, and with the courage from my buzz I let my hands move to hold both breasts under the sweater. I was surprised she offered no protest, and was amazed when she gave me a sexy sideways smile and licked her lips. She was really getting into this when the dancer dropped to her knees and removed her top. Her breasts were at least 38D with big tight nipples and she rubbed them all over only a foot and a half from our face.

As the stripper rubbed her breasts I became bolder, and rubbed Deanna’s breasts under the sweater. I felt her nipples harden even more. The dancer saw what I was up to and leaned forward toward Deanna smiling. I then watched one of the most erotic things ever in my life. The dancer cupped her breasts, pushed them up to Deanna’s face and rubbed her nipples across her lips. Their eyes were locked and on the second pass Deanna parted her lips slightly and kissed both nipples. The stripper had her full attention now and stood over us again gyrating and rubbing.

I was horny and full of dirty thoughts when I started to undo more buttons on the sweater. Deanna looked over at me but I saw lust in her eyes and she quickly re-focused on the sexy woman above us. The dancer slid her thong down with help from my girlfriend and bent over to give us a full rear shot before squatting down again and leaning back. She rubbed her pussy directly in front of us and slowly parted her lips to show us everything. I had finished all the buttons on the sweater and now pulled it apart. The dancer focused on Deanna’s tits as she rubbed her hands over her clit and lips. Both ladies were getting into it and when the stripper leaned forward again she brought her breasts to touch Deanna’s.

I was now rubbing both sets of gorgeous tits and felt their hard nipples rub together. The dancer ground her crotch against Deanna, and I felt my girlfriend raise her crotch up to meet her. All any of us heard now was our own breathing and moaning. Three sets of hands roamed over each other’s bodies and all eyes were locked together. I didn’t even realize the music ended when the stripper slowly broke away from our touch. She leaned forward and gave my girlfriend a sexy goodbye kiss and stood up to re-dress.

I looked around and saw a crowd gathered around watching our show. We were trembling as I buttoned Deanna’s sweater and asked if she was ready for home. She could only moan and lay her head against my chest. We had opened some new doors tonight, and I couldn’t wait to see what would be behind the next one.