Shy Chinese Neighbor Wants Advice

The only thing on my mind while driving home from work on a sweaty day in mid-summer was to pull my suit pants off, get into my PJs, and laze around. Living alone I could afford to walk around the house dressed however the hell I wanted and enjoy the Friday afternoon heat in peace. I came in the door exhausted and slumped onto the couch.

Without my even thinking about it my hand slid into my pants, worked its way under the waste-band of my g-string, and rubbed and scratched at the small trail of short curly hairs growing above my vulva. Just as I unbuttoned my pants I heard the doorbell. I live in a condo with a security guard. We don’t get salespeople or Mormons, and since I didn’t have any plans for the night, I was curious who it would be at the door.

It was the little Asian girl who lives in the unit to the left of mine. I didn’t even know her name but I’d seen her in the elevator and coming and going in the halls a few times.

I opened the door and smiling warmly said, “Hey, what’s up, can I help you with something?”

She was nervous. She looked down for a moment and I felt like she was deciding whether or not to bolt back to her place and lock the door.

Finally she said, “I know we don’t really know each other but I need your advice with something. I really need to talk to you. Can I come in, or do you want to come to my place?”

The latter sounded interesting. I’d never seen any of the other condos in the building.

“OK, let’s go,” I replied, stepping out into the hall without even putting shoes on.

My curiosity was really peaked. I had no idea what she wanted but I was happy to go along and find out. Sometimes I can be too solitary of a person and I have had some of my life’s best experiences by taking advantage of sudden opportunities.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know your name.”

“My English name is Jacqueline, and yours?”

“Jane. So where you born in Ireland or…?”

“China. But I’ve been here for about 9 years. I came over as a student originally.”

She opened her door, which was unlocked, and I followed her inside. Her place was clean and very sparsely decorated. In the area to the left of the entrance way a couch stood away from any walls and facing a TV. There was a coffee table, a table in the kitchen to the right of the entrance way, which had a few chairs set out around it, and there was a large tank filled with brightly coloured exotic looking fish. The thing that I noticed most was the complete lack of any decoration on the walls. But because of their light colour, and the fact that all of the curtains were open, the place still seemed bright and cheery.

We sat on the couch and, still not knowing what exactly was up, I continued the conversation, learning that Jacqueline was 27 and worked in a travel agency. She seemed more relaxed now and I again caught the scent of wine on her breath that I had noted first at my front door. I was not wrong, as she got up and offered me a glass of a very nice red. I accepted happily, as I’d been planning on drinking anyway while watching movies.

Finally she got to the point I’d been waiting eagerly for.

“The reason I needed to talk to you so badly, Jane, has to do with my boyfriend. I really appreciate your coming over here, especially since we didn’t even know each other. Kary keeps asking me to do something and, deep down I really want to, but it is something that, I don’t know… it confuses me and it scares me too that if I do it I may regret it and feel… dirty.”

At this last word I perked up my ears and felt a very slight flush of excitement. Maybe I was getting a little drunk already having not eaten anything yet. One thing was for sure, Jacqueline’s shyness was really leaving me on edge! I wanted to just know already what the hell was up that was so important that she couldn’t call one of her friends on the phone or something, she had to come over and knock on my door.

“Well…?” I laughed, “What is it? What is it?”

She took another gulp of wine and then, looking at the floor, said, “A threesome.”

“I’m assuming he wants to do it with another girl?” I answered, wanting all the facts before I gave her my opinion.

“He does. In fact, he’s already decided which girl. He is really serious about it, and I love him and trust him completely, and… I think I want it too. The girl is you Jane.”

She was about to melt into the couch with embarrassment now. Wow. I didn’t see this coming on my drive home from work. I didn’t even think I knew who her boyfriend was. I’d seen a few guys in the elevator but didn’t know where any of them lived. I had certainly never done anything like a threesome before. Nor had I ever fooled around with another girl. But then I thought, “Ahh… what the fuck, it’s Friday.”

I put my arm around Jacqueline’s shoulder and said, “Well sweetie, if you want to do this, let’s do it.”

She finally had the courage to take her beautiful eyes off of the floor and look up to meet mine. My fingertips ran gently under her bangs rubbing her forehead. She put her hand behind my head and slowly leaned in to kiss my lips. My first kiss with a woman and it felt much more natural than I might have guessed it would. After this kiss she drew back and looked at me, beaming with relief and pleasure after so much concern over what the result of taking this risk would be.

I hadn’t really checked her out before this. Jacqueline was a petite woman with a delicate beauty and refined features. I took her small beautiful hand and held it between my own hands which completely covered it.

“Kary will be home any minute. He just went out to do some shopping and I didn’t tell him anything about this. I think he will be happy with me,” she giggled.

I was actually starting to burn up with desire for this woman. Even if her boyfriend didn’t come back I would have fucked her. “Who cares,” I rationalized to myself, “sex is supposed to feel good, if it feels good it then it’s fine.”

I kissed Jacqueline again, this time opening my lips a crack and letting the end of my tongue enter her mouth. We were making out very slowly, still fully clothed, me fondling her breasts and her running her hands through my long chestnut hair when the door opened.

Kary was a tall and very well built man. Welsh, as I would learn later. His body was on the verge of being too thick and making the transition from just strong to strong and definitely fat. I could tell that in a few years this change would irreversibly take place, but it hadn’t quite begun yet. His hairline was receding a little in the corners. I put him in his early 30s.

His smile was so broad as he gazed down at his couch and what waited there for him, that I thought it might lift him off of the ground as it grew.

He shook his head and clucked, “Jacqueline my dear you are simply incredible. Incredible.”

She bowed her head, laughing.

“I’m Jane,” I said.

“It is a pleasure Jane. My name is Kary.”

He took his boots off and came up to us from behind the couch, draping one arm around each of our shoulders and leaning his head forward to kiss the backs of our necks. Kary kissed his girlfriend deeply, and then turned to me and, very suddenly, we were making out. His left arm dropped from Jacqueline and came around to touch my cheek. I stuck my arm down over the back of the couch and searched blindly with it until it found its mark, the hard bulge in the front of Kary’s corduroys.

He stood up and took his shirt off, which gave us girls the opportunity to do the same with each other. I then unfastened Jacqueline’s bra and found myself looking at two absolutely delicious little titties. They were small but very perky, perfectly formed and capped by dark nipples. I leaned in to suck one and put my open hand lightly underneath it.

My lips bobbed rhythmically on Jacqueline’s tit and she made noises of appreciation while running her fingertips in scratching waves up my back. After a minute she leaned back further into a semi-reclined position, propped up on her elbows.

I took the cue and instead of following her down, pulled away from her tit and helped take her jeans and underwear off in a single motion. She raised her small ass off of the couch to help me undress her. Then I was looking at a cunt more closely than I had ever seen one. She kept it shaved bare. Her lips where close together, making her look tight. In spite of how horny I was, I didn’t feel any strong urge to take the full plunge and taste her just yet.

I heard Kary coming around to the front of the couch and turned to look at him. He was naked and he was big. I felt my heart move faster inside my chest as I watched him pull his foreskin back like a shield being lifted, exposing the broad shining purple of his penis head. His dick was firm, rising up so captivatingly the way only a nice big cock can. I straightened up and turned toward him while still remaining seated on the couch. My hands came forward easily, and without resistance I began touching his cock.

It was like a cricket bat as I weighed it: stiff and determined and powerful. I cupped his ball sack with my right hand and rhythmically pulled and teased it down between my fingers, rolling his testicles around slowly. I could feel the thinly distributed hairs of his scrotum tickling my palm. His sack was warm. Beads of his sweat were rubbing off onto my skin.

It was beautiful to look into his blue eyes and see how excited he was, and then to look lower down and see his cock literally waiving in the air with anticipation for my mouth. I had to take a moment and stare with appreciation at this big piece of him sticking up off of his body, so desperately wanting some attention.

I slowly ran the index finger of my left hand down, starting between his ass cheeks, farther and farther, from his ass along the skin between his legs and, in no rush, up his shaft. Jacqueline’s naked body was pressed against my back, hugging me. Her head was leaning on my shoulder as she watched the action. She kissed and nibbled at my earlobe, which felt great.

I bit my lip while I teased Kary with my finger, smiling innocently. At last I leaned in close and, turning my head to one side, put my lips tenderly on the edge of his shaft about half way up. I ran my kiss very deliberately first down the side of his shaft and then up until I reached the underside of his head. I licked him there lightly and continuously for a long while, letting my lips brush around his head without sucking him into my mouth yet.

My hand gingerly worked the base of his shaft, making circles up and down, lifting his pleasure together with my strokes. My twat was burning with excitement and I was slowly massaging my own groin inside my pants just as I was working his.

Finally I was ready and needing more, I opened by jaws wide and bobbed my head down taking most of his length into my horny throat. At the same time I rubbed my clit faster and felt a persistent warmth rise up my back and push its way to my face and my cock-filled mouth. I was in love with his dick in this moment, with its bulging veins, with its curves; I wanted it to plug me everywhere and for a long time to come.

Jacqueline was grinding her wet pussy against my lower back while I was giving her boyfriend head. She seemed content to watch from where she was for the moment.

With his shaft in my throat I allowed the fingers of the hand I wasn’t masturbating with to glide along Kary’s asshole, rubbing it lightly and spreading his hole out the slightest bit just with the very tip of my finger. I didn’t go too far in. I wasn’t sure how he’d react if I tried. I had to pull the finger back after rubbing his ass and quickly take his cock out of my mouth and run the finger under my nostrils. I breathed in a strong whiff of a man’s smells. It made me wild. I wanted to put my finger farther in, I would just try and see what he said.

I got up from the couch and nudged Jacqueline’s head towards her boyfriend’s dick to continue where I had left off. I removed my pants and came to Kary’s side, sliding my finger back down to his asshole where I began to apply pressure without actually entering him. He kissed me fervently with his tongue and, reaching down between his own legs, forcefully took my hand and guided my finger up into him.

This was so erotic to me that I couldn’t contain myself. I took my finger out for a moment, took Kary’s hand and, falling onto my back on the couch, spread my legs for him. He threw his shoulders under my calves and positioned his stiff cock at the entrance of my little hole. In the next instant he was penetrating me slowly and it felt so good that I gasped.

Jacqueline came over to where my head was resting and positioned her slit over my mouth, facing her boyfriend so she could watch him move in and out of my body. I still wasn’t so sure I wanted this, but things were going so well that I just shut my eyes and began licking Jacqueline’s cunt. This view was one I never would have guessed that I’d have. I was looking up into a woman’s cunt and ass. She was tight and perfectly proportioned with the sweetest little ass you can imagine.

Once I got started it wasn’t bad at all. I licked her everywhere, her thighs, her outer lips, her inner lips, her clit. I even tried tongue fucking her and licking her ass. She was so cute and appreciative. Her boyfriend was really laying it into me by then, making my boobs bounce to the rhythm of our fucking. I groaned and groaned with pleasure. I just continued yelling, “Fuck me,” over and over. Fuck me. Fuck me.

He was taking everything out of me, overpowering my mind with his amazing dick.

I moved my finger back up Kary’s asshole and fucked him with it as he drove his shaft into me. He moaned and rolled his head back when I penetrated him, which I just loved. I wriggled and gyrated my pelvis under his thrusts. They became even deeper and more forceful, as if he wanted to punish me for being so dirty and daring to finger fuck his ass. Maybe he wanted to prove how powerful and in control he was, that he was open enough to take a finger up his ass and still be a man.

He spread his legs out wider, pushing my thighs wider open at the same time. He arched his back more each time he pulled his cock out of me, pushing his ass back and allowing my finger deeper access. Then he would come forward again, driving his thick rod in, filling me with ripples of hot excitement. He was so strong and fit and eager. With each thrust I felt like he was hitting the very deepest place inside of me; sliding firmly and passionately into my moist slit.

Jacqueline leaned forward so that she could lick my clit while I licked her and took her boyfriend’s throbbing cock. This was likely the most overpowering set of sexual sensations that I’ve ever had.

Kary slowed down and from inside his asshole I felt everything contract. I knew that his orgasm was not far off. I rapidly rubbed my finger along the small hard bump that I knew was his prostate. He let out an unchecked moan that came from somewhere deep in his guts.

He pulled his cock out of me and I looked up from between his girlfriend’s legs just in time to see him rubbing himself and see his dick start to spasm and fire large strings of hot cum onto my belly and onto Jacqueline. His asshole clenched down firmly around my finger as he came. Jacqueline moved forward and started to suck him. I moved her legs over so that I could sit up and join in.

The two of us kissed each other around Kary’s still hard dick. Our mouths played together. Then one of us would focus on his balls while the other sucked his head. His shaft was beautiful, slick and glistening in the last light of the day, which entered through the open windows.

It was so hot to hear his noises and be so submissive while still controlling his pleasure. His erection never subsided. He took my head with both hands and fucked my mouth, then he fucked me between my tits, then back into my mouth, into Jacqueline’s mouth, and on and on like this.

Jacqueline started eating my pussy again. I wasn’t looking at her, I had a mouth full of hard dick to fuck on, I could just feel her little licks between my legs. Finally, I came. Everywhere was on fire. I sucked and stroked furiously at Kary’s manhood, begging him to cum again, pleading for his cum on my face. It would be such a nice finish to an unbelievable evening.

And then he pushed my hand away from his rod so he could hold it himself and jerk off. In a matter of seconds I had my wish, more jizz splattered onto my delirious body.

The three of us lay down together on the carpet, kissing and touching for the rest of the night.

I still visit Kary and Jacqueline from time to time. They are engaged and despite some problems from now and then, they seem to be a very good couple. Jacqueline and I have become friends although not super close. I’m glad that things happened the way they did, and that my getting involved hasn’t damaged their relationship. It certainly opened up new doors for me, ones that I hadn’t even considered exploring, like group sex and fucking other women, things which I may decide to try more of some time soon.