Remembering Mardi Gras

I was wearing ten strands of beads, and the night was just beginning. My date had left to find a restroom and I hadn’t seen him since. Then again, who needs a date at Mardi Gras?

My dress was tight and soaked from sweat and spilled drinks. I smelled like Rum & Coke. I had worn a tube dress because it yanks down so quickly and easily, and I was determined to win my share of beads. It was also short, in case I gathered the courage to try earning a few more strands of Mardi-Gras beads. But so far I hadn’t dared – that was like inviting rape. And every man in a three foot radius grabbed for your pussy the second you lifted your skirt.

“What will you do with your beads afterwards?” yelled a voice at my ear, straining to be heard above the music and noise of the crowd. I craned my neck to see him: the crowd was so tightly packed that it was nearly impossible to turn around.

“I thought I’d hang them on my grandmother’s grave,” I shouted over my shoulder. “She always did love Mardis Gras.”

He laughed. It was a rich, dark Cajun laugh. “You’re funny. I appreciate that.”

I felt him put his hands on my hips, which constitutes ‘dancing together’ in a crowd like this. I looked down. His hands were large and dark, with fingers that were thin and elegant but also strong. Heat rushed to between my legs. His head leaned forward against the back of mine. We danced. Several minutes later he spoke again.

“You remind me of my best friend in high school. I can’t figure why.”

“I hope your best friend was a girl.”

He laughed again. “Lor’, yes. I haven’t seen her since high school.” A minute later he added, “I think it’s your hair. She had long hair; she kept it just the way you do.”

“Were you two strictly friends?”

At first it seemed like he hadn’t heard me, though I knew he had. He took so long to reply.

“I always wanted more, but I never had the guts.”

I could feel him growing harder against my ass. The heat between my legs grew in like. I pressed slightly backwards, rubbing back and forth against him. His breath rushed past my ear. His hands migrated downwards until they came to rest at the hem of my dress. The heat between my legs grew again, and I could feel myself growing wet.

His hands traveled back up, pulling the hem of the skirt with it. Soon I was standing in the midst of a crowded room, at least 100 people thick, with my skirt up around my waist, exposing my dampened underwear for all to see. But no one could see, because we were all close together.

His hands left me for a moment, but his head stayed resting against the back of mine. The rest of his body pulled away from me momentarily then returned, hotter than before. I realized that the hardness I felt now was the real thing, without fabric to separate us. His thickness pressed against my left ass-cheek. My underwear clung to my increasing wetness.

Lord you feel good. And smell good.” He pushed my hair away from the back of my neck with his face, his tongue flicking at my skin while his hands tugged at my underwear, pulling it to one side so his cock could rest between my legs. His pulsing almost matched the music.

“Jus’ keep dancing, girl,” he said. I studied the faces of the party-goers around us. They had no idea what was going on, they were just dancing and enjoying the music, like everyone here.

His hands reached around the front of me, parting my legs slightly. His mouth kissed my shoulder. He put a finger inside me. I moaned. He used his fingers to guide his cock into my dripping pussy. My knees started to buckle. He held me up, wrapping his arms around to the front of me, pulling me to him as he thrust into me. My head lolled back and I enjoyed the ride.

He fucked me in that crowded club for what seemed like an eternity. I kept expecting us to be caught at any moment, but I couldn’t focus on that threat, I couldn’t focus on anything other than the feel of him inside me, his body against mine.

I choked back a scream as he bent me forward as far as space allowed and thrust his whole length into me. His balls slapped against my ass as he thrust faster and faster. I felt the heat inside me reach a bursting point. Dizziness swept over me. My thighs trembled.

He grunted in my ear as he emptied himself into me. At last the heat burst out of me, washed over the surface of my glistening skin. Our muscles spasmed together. He rested inside me for a moment before pulling out. Our combined juices ran down the insides of my thighs.

He pulled my panties back up and hauled the skirt of my dress back down. Something grazed my cheek and flashed bright near my face… a new set of beads. His dark hands rested for a moment on my shoulders. I watched the string of beads settle to rest between my breasts.

“Thank you,” he said into my ear. He squeezed my ass, kissed my neck, and slipped back through the crowd before I ever saw his face.