Poker Game

A few buddies of mine from work love to get together every so often to play poker. We try to play whenever given the chance, and there are several of us at work who love to play. We are all mainly in our forties and fifties, and our games are all in good nature. It had been a few months since we last played, and Chris and myself tried to gather up a few others to play. We decided to play at my house the following Saturday night.

That morning I went out and picked up a few items from the store. I got the typical necessities like beer and chips, and when I returned home I got a call from Chris. He told me that Steve and Dave wouldn’t be able to make it, but that he got a buddy of his, and a coworker of his to play. I told him I was ok with that, and anyway I had already bought several times for that night.

That night Chris and the other two guys came over. Mike was around our age, and seemed like a very likable guy. His buddy Jason was quite a bit younger, and couldn’t had been more than twenty five or so. He was a bit on the conceded side, and he talked about how he was going to take all of our money from us. I tried initially to drown him out, but after several minutes I become extremely annoyed by him. I couldn’t wait to kick his ass, and show him who the best was at poker.

We had played almost an hour, and Jason was a bit better than I had originally thought. He had taken me on two good hands, and I fell for his bluff on both occasions. I was down quite a bit now, and he sat across from me bragging how many chips he had in front of him. This just infuriated me that much more, and I was more determined than ever to put this young prick in his place. I wasn’t about to let him beat me like this, and I couldn’t wait to win back some of the money had had taken from me already.

Over the next hour I began to get hot. I had won back some of my money I had lost to Jason, and he suddenly had finally shut up how good he was. He then began to make excuses how he had let me win. That just incited me that much more, and the game began to get extremely personal for me from that point on.

It was shortly after that when my wife Jen had strolled out into the kitchen for something. She had stopped to say something to Chris, and I could see young Jason salivating over her. I watched as Jen made eye contact with him. I could tell Jason was undressing her with his eyes, and Jen gave him a brief smile before strolling back into the living room. Jen stood 5’5 and around 140 pounds or so. She was a year younger than me, but didn’t look a day over forty. She had nice big tits to go along with a beautiful curved ass, and young Jason was getting his jollies off just watching her.

We had played for another hour or so when Chris said he had to go. I had won back almost three quarters what I had lost, and I felt good about doing that. Chris was just about to get up from the table when Jason said, “How about one more game!”

Chris looked over at me and I said, “I am fine with that.”

This would give me one last chance to show this young prick something before he leaves. Chris dealt out the cards, and to my excitement had dealt me three tens. I now had that young prick on the ropes as he threw away three of his own cards. Chris and his buddy immediately dropped out of the hand just leaving Jason and myself. He then said he was all in, and pushed his whole pile of chips to the middle of the table. He knew I couldn’t match his bet, and Chris immediately piped out that there was a limit on much you could bet.

Jason gave me a stern look and said, “Are you in or not?”

I wanted to beat him so badly now, and I began to offer him a few material things I had laying around the house to cover my bet. He didn’t want any of what I had to offer, and then suddenly surprised all of us when he said, “What about putting up that lovely wife of yours?

I knew he was bluffing me at that point, and I thought about for a good few seconds. I finally said to him, “You’re on!”

Chris piped up, “Are you sure you want to do that? It is only a poker game!”

I sat there for a few seconds staring down at my hand. I then said to him, “Let’s play!”

Chris and his buddy stood there with a shocked look on their faces. I sat there nervously as Jason said to me, “Let’s see what you got!”

I then laid down my three ten’s on the table. Chris immediately let out a sigh, and I said to Jason, “Beat that!”

Jason sat there for a good few seconds staring at what he had in his hand. I felt a huge rush of adrenalin, and I knew I had the young prick right where I wanted. It felt so great being on top and that was when Jason laid down his cards. I watched in horror as Jason laid a flush down onto the table. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The bastard had beaten me once again, but this time it was for more than money. My wife was his prize, and he began to gloat across the table from me.

My heart began to race even faster now, and Chris and his buddy said it was time for them to go. The two of them hurried off, but young Jason stayed behind. He wanted what was coming to him, and I stood there embarrassed not knowing what to do next. I had never suspected in my wildest dreams that he would beat me like that.

I began to reason with him that it wasn’t possible for him to fuck my wife Jen. I did my best to calm him down, and I even offered him money in exchange. Jason didn’t want my money, all he wanted was my wife Jen, and he said to me, “I can’t wait to fuck your lovely wife!”

The hate and anger between us was quite evident. I tried to reason with him one last time, but he wasn’t about to take no for an answer. He had every intension on fucking Jen, and he now went into the kitchen. He grabbed a roll of duct tape off the counter, and returned a few seconds later with one of the kitchen chairs.

“Sit down cuck!” he said to me.

“You can’t do this!” I said to him.

“Watch me!”

Jason was much bigger and stronger than me, and at 6’2 and two hundred pounds I was no match for his physical presence. He forced me down onto the chair, and I quickly felt my hands being secured to the back of the chair with the duct tape. He then duct tape my ankles to the bottom of the chair leaving me totally immobilized.

“I am going to enjoy fucking your loving wife with my big cock right in front of you!” he replied.

“Please no! Can’t we work something else out,” I said to him.

“No! You should had known better than to use your wife as a poker chip!” Jason grunted out.

He then walked down the hallway and into our bedroom. I heard a commotion between the two of them, and a few minutes later he led Jen out into the living room. She had been already dress for bed, and she wore a tight white t-shirt with nothing else on underneath it. Her tits were quite visible through it, and the t-shirt hung down just enough to cover the cheeks of her nice round butt.

“What did you do?” Jen yelled at me.

“You used me as a poker chip! What a big asshole you are!”

Jen and I had been going through some marriage problems over the past year. We hadn’t been intimate in more than three months, and young Jason now had control of her. He now stood Jen right in front of me. He had one arm across the front of her shirt, while his other hand felt up each of her lovely big tits. I felt jealous and humiliated, and Jason began to kiss Jen on the neck.

A few minutes later he slid his hand down in between her legs. He felt how aroused she was, and he made it a point to tell me. He then said to her, “Get on your knees baby! I want you to suck my big fucking cock in front of your husband!”

Jen knelt down in front of him, and opened up the young man’s pants. She pulled out his huge cock, and her eyes lit up like saucers.

“Don’t do it Jen!” I pleaded with her.

She ignored my wishes, and after just a few seconds she slid his big cock into her waiting mouth. She did her best to suck on it, and before I knew it Jason began to ram several inches of his cock deeply into Jen’s warm mouth. He fucked her mouth for several minutes as Jen did as she was told. Her hands dug deeply into the young man’s tight ass, and her arousal only grew from that point on.

A short time later Jason lifted Jen back up to her feet. We had a five foot round ottoman in the center of the living room, and he dragged it over in front of me. He had Jen lay down onto her back, and knelt down in between her legs. He slowly raised up her long white t-shirt just enough to show her wet swollen pussy. He then moved his head down in between her legs. He began to suck and lick her swollen pussy in front of me as Jen began to moan out. I felt a range of emotions at that point, and Jen’s body began to tremble and quiver on the ottoman.

He had licked her pussy for several minutes with his long tongue, and he had Jen on the edge of a powerful orgasm. She laid there moaning out, and urging him not to stop. She held tightly onto the back of his head, and forced his tongue even deeper inside her. Then seconds later she screamed loudly out. She began to cum hard all over Jason’s face as her body thrashed around on the ottoman. I hadn’t heard her cry out like that in years, and she now begged him to fuck her.

Jason then grabbed onto each of her legs, and slid her body over to the edge of the ottoman. He looked over at me and said, “You want to see your lovely wife be fucked by a big cock!”

I sat there quietly in defeat as my heart raced extremely fast. Her swollen pussy was just a few feet from where I sat. Jason began to tease her with his big hard cock, and he ran it against her swollen cunt. Jen began to cry wildly out, “Oh yes! I want you to fuck me with that big cock!”

“You want my big cock baby?” Jason asked her one last time.

“Yes! Yes!” Jen cried out.

Jason then pushed a few inches of his cock in between the swollen lips of her pussy. Jen immediately cried out, and I once again begged for him not to fuck her. This only incited him that much more, and he now began to push even more of his cock deeper into her. Jen’s moans now grew with more intensity, and she quickly felt another powerful orgasm building.

It had been several minutes later, and young Jason was now pounding my wife with his huge cock. Jen cries filled the living room, and she was on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Then just seconds later I heard my wife scream out like never before, and she began to cum extremely hard all over Jason’s young cock right in front of me. I had never seen her experience an orgasm of that magnitude ever before. Her body shook and quivered, and young Jason glanced over at me for my reaction.

A few minutes later Jason took Jen’s spot on the ottoman. He had her climbed up on top of his huge cock as he removed her long white t-shirt. He told Jen how great her tits were, and he had his hands all over each of them. They fucked only a few feet from where I sat, and I watched my wife’s beautiful ass bounce up and down onto his the shaft of his huge cock. She fucked him hard, and young Jason told her what a slut she was. Several minutes had nearly passed, and Jen was once again on the verge of cumming.

Jason then pulled her chest down against his. He cupped her beautiful ass with both hands, and began to ram every inch of his large cock hard up into her. This pushed Jen over the edge, and she once again screamed out into another powerful orgasm right in front of me. I felt extremely helpless and jealous as my wife enjoy his young big cock.

He now wanted to take her from behind. He had Jen get onto all fours on the ottoman. Her face was pointed directly toward me, and Jason got in behind her lovely curved ass. Jen loves to be fucked from behind, and she urged Jason to give it to her good and hard.

Jason now held tightly onto each of Jen’s hips. He rammed every inch of his cock deeply into her from behind as Jen screamed out in total pleasure. She acted like a slut and she urged him on, “Give it to me! Harder! Harder!”

Jason now pounded her even harder from behind. The sound of pounding flesh filled the living room, and Jen began to scream out like never before. He now grabbed the back of Jen’s hair, and pulled her head up off the ottoman. I stared directly into my wife’s eyes as they began to close periodically. She was once again on the edge of a powerful and intense orgasm, and she began to cry out one last time, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Jason gave her several hard thrust with his huge cock. Jen could no longer take it, and seconds later she screamed out. Her body shook uncontrollably, and her tits thrashed back n forth across her chest. Her orgasm went on for a good minute, and it left her worn out and exhausted.

Jason then flipped her body back over onto her back. He slid back on top of her, and he began to fuck her very hard for the next few minutes. He then began to grunt out as he slid his throbbing cock in and out of Jen’s quivering pussy. A few minutes later he removed his throbbing cock from Jen’s pussy. He began to stroke on it as it hovered over top of her stomach. I could hardly watch, and seconds later I heard him grunt out with force. His cock began to erupt, and he shot multiple streams of cum all over Jen’s face and big tits leaving them covered in cum.

I sat there embarrassed and humiliated that my wife of almost twenty years could be fucked and seduced by such a young prick like Jason. I then ordered Jason to untie me, and he stood there with a sarcastic smile and said, “I am not done yet with your wife!”

“Please Jason!” I pleaded with him.

“What are you complaining about? I can see you are getting off on this! You like watching your wife get fucked hard! Don’t you?” Jason replied.

I sat there with a major hard on as Jen had gone into the restroom to clean up. When she returned a few minutes later Jason was eagerly waiting for her. His cock was already hard once again, and he told Jen that he wanted to fuck her again. I was helpless and I begged Jen not to let him fuck her again.

“You used me for some stupid bet, and now you are getting what you deserve!” she said to me.

Jen then laid down onto her back on the ottoman. Jason now stood reverse over top of her face. He looked directly at me as my wife began to suck on his big balls. He grabbed onto each of her ankles, and pulled her legs wide apart or me to see. Her pussy was gaped wide open, and moisture covered the lips of her swollen pussy. I had never seen her this aroused ever before, and young Jason used that to his advantage.

A few minutes later he switched positions. He now wanted to fuck her badly, and he knelt down in between her legs. He grabbed onto each of her ankles, and yanked her legs wide apart. He then sunk his huge cock back into her wet pussy, and Jen immediately let out a loud cry. He fucked her hard right there on the ottoman, and I watched Jen’s tits moved in unison with every thrust of his cock.

Several minutes had now passed, and Jen was on the verge of cumming once again. She screamed out loudly, and held tightly onto each of her big tits with both hands. Her body shook hard, and seconds later she began to cum once again right in front of me. Her orgasm was extremely intense, and it went on for what seemed like an eternity.

I couldn’t believe my wife would do something like this to me, but she was right I deserved it.

I might not been the best at keeping her fulfilled, and now Jason was filling that void in her life that she had always desired. Those talks we had that I had basically ignored now began to fill my head. I should had done more to keep this from happening, but now it was all too late.

Several minutes had passed, and Jason now wanted Jen to get on all fours up on the ottoman. Her ass sat high in the air, and her face was facing towards my way. A few seconds later Jason got in behind her beautiful ass. He forced his huge cock back into her, and he began to fuck her hard once again. Jen began to immediately cry out, and she urged young Jason on.

“Give it to me! Harder! Harder!” she cried out.

He gave it to her good and hard from behind for the next several minutes. My wife cry out again and again, and after several minutes she began to scream out once again into another extremely earth shattering orgasm. I had never seen her cum so hard or this many times ever before, and she looked over at me with an exhausted look on her face. She acted like a total slut, and she loved every second of Jason’s big cock.

Jason continued to fuck her hard from behind for the next twenty minutes or so. He then began to grunt out, and seconds later I watched as he began to cum hard inside my wife’s pussy. He then had my wife turn with her ass towards me. I watched as his cum oozed from her just fucked pussy down onto the ottoman.

“Did you like that cuck?” he asked.

I sat there quietly in defeat as he began to get dressed. He left a few minutes later as my wife began to untie me. I said to her, “I see you like the way he had fucked you! Didn’t you? You acted like a total slut!”

“This was all your fault! You were the one who used me as a poker chip if you remember, and you want to know something else? He fucked me extremely good!”

We both went to bed mad that night as I slept on the couch. In the end my wife was right I did use her. I now know better, but the damage had already been done. That following Monday Chris came up to me and asked what had happened. I told him that Jason had fucked Jen and Chris said, “No way!”

It took a few days before we began to talk with one another again. I know knew exactly what she needed and wanted, and I apologized for using her in a fashion that wasn’t right.

Over the next several weeks our relationship began to change for the better. I now began to listen and communicated with her. The thoughts of Jason fucking her still haunt me, but at least I didn’t lose her to him or any other man. I still had a lot to be grateful for.