Julia Sends a Text Message

Hi there. My name is Raymond Ryan and we haven’t met before. I am male, white Caucasian, of average height and build, and thirty-seven years old. I am a college lecturer, specialising in mathematics and science. I teach pupils of all abilities from the age of eighteen upwards. I enjoy my work immensely and believe that I am pretty good at what I do. I have a very healthy and active sex life with my thirty-five year old partner Julie, who has been living with me for three years in my apartment in Kingston, near London, England. Julie and I have played out many wonderful sexual fantasies in the last few years. Among other things, one of our teases is to send each other rude or suggestive text messages from our mobile phones.

When I gave my mobile phone number to my class of twelve A-level mathematics students, my motivation was purely to be there and available to them should they need any help with their course. I hold an after college study class and occasionally two or three of the more enthusiastic students will attend a study group at my apartment on a Saturday morning. Three of the class, in particular, Julia, Emma and Darren, regularly attend on Saturday mornings. All three are capable students and Julie and I both enjoy their company when they visit our home. As a result, I have their mobile phone numbers stored in my phone.

My life changed when I sent this message; “I can’t wait to get into your knickers,” to the student of mine called Julia, instead of to my partner Julie. It was not until I received a reply that I realised that I had made a stupid mistake, but the message I got back made me catch my breath and it changed my life, forever.

Julia texted back “mmm yes my pussy is wet for your touch.”

I could not help but imagine Julia in my mind, with her skirt around her narrow waist, phone in one hand, other hand in her knickers, with a finger in her pussy rubbing her clitoris. I know Julia quite well having taught her for nearly a year now. Most people would describe her as very attractive. She’s a bright girl of nineteen, and originally from Mozambique in Africa. I realised, immediately, that I had made a gross error that could seriously threaten my job. Straight away I started to compose a reply to her text, full of apologies, explaining that the text message I had sent her, had been meant for Julie instead.

As I was doing this, I heard the sound of keys in the front door, which opened and Julie entered our apartment. Out of a sense of fear that Julie would suspect me of intentionally seducing a student of mine, I hastily put my phone down on the table, with the reply half written, and went to welcome her at the door. The kiss I gave her in greeting was passionate, maybe more so than she was expecting. She responded in kind and, very soon, we were kissing so hard that my tongue must have been half way down her throat. She tasted good; in fact, she always tastes good. I held her in a tight embrace, winding the fingers of my left hand into her soft dark hair, my right hand caressing the small of her back through the material of her suit. However, I was still struggling to free my mind from the earlier mental image of Julia masturbating. I fleetingly imagined that I was trading tongues with my student instead of my partner. Everything considered, I found myself becoming aroused and Julie noticed this too.

We were disturbed when my phone made that bleeping sound that informs you that a message has been received. Before I could react, Julie reached over to the table and picked up my phone to hand it to me. Like in a sit-com series, she did one of those classic double take things with her head and eyes as she glanced at the text still displayed on my screen. The one I had been in the process of writing before she came home.

She handed my phone to me and said, rather more deliberately than is usually necessary, “Ray. Is there anything you feel you should share with me?” She raised an eyebrow, fixing me with a questioning stare from piercing green eyes.

Believing that when in a sticky situation telling the truth is the best policy, I confessed to her that I had sent a text meant for her, to Julia instead. She laughed thinking that it was amusing.

I cautioned her, saying, “It’s not funny, I could loose my job because of this. Plus, there’s a further complication. I got a reply from Julia which might cause even further embarrassment.”

“What sort of reply, what did she send?” Asked Julie, with mirth and mischief in her eyes.

Pulling a slightly pained face I informed Julie of the message that Julia had sent, “Mmm yes my pussy is wet for your touch.”

Julie howled with laughter. Composing herself she said, “I think you have a student with a crush on you, rampant hormones and a filthy mind. What a minx.”

“What a problem.” I said, “I need to sort this out now. I’ll text her, to put her right, straight away.” I returned to the unfinished message that I had been writing, when Julie reminded me that I had received another text a moment ago and that I hadn’t read it yet. Somewhat apprehensively, I went to the inbox menu on my phone and was disturbed to see that it was another message from Julia. “It’s from Julia,” I told Julie.

“Oh, what’s it say?” She asked enthusiastically.

I opened up the message and angled the phone so that we could both see it. “I have wanted you for a year, so excited that you want me too,” it read.

“Shit!” I said, “This must be stopped,” I added, shaking my head despairingly. I was already imagining the embarrassment this could cause me at college if Julia spoke about it to anyone.

“She’s really taken with you,” said Julie, and then continued, “It would be such a shame to disappoint her, don’t you think?”

I stared at her in disbelief, expecting her to be joking, but surprisingly she seemed serious. “What? No. Not at all.” I retorted.

“Well, it’s not illegal. She’s over eighteen. Let’s see what happens.”

“What do you mean by let’s see what happens?” I asked. My loins stirred again, as involuntarily, my imagination picked this moment to generate another image of Julia. This time, her black pussy was riding happily on my hard cock. I shook my head to clear my mind. Julie was speaking again.

“Send this reply,” Julie said, as she moved behind me and reached around to stroke my chest through my shirt with her right hand. Her left hand moved down across the front of my trousers where my arousal was becoming evident to her fingers. Bizarre as the situation was, I was definitely turned on by the naughtiness of it. Surely, though, it was just a fantasy, a momentary laps brought about by a long day at college, the same long day which had caused me to confuse the two similar names in my phone only a short time ago. In my minds eye Julias’ lithe body lay under my own, face down, as I screwed her arse. “Ah!” I exclaimed, again shaking my head from side to side to clear out the vivid images.

Julie, having thought for a moment suggested, “I’m hard for your young pussy and the taste of your nipples.”

“I can’t send that.” I replied.

Our discussion was cut short as the front door bell rang. I replaced my phone on the table and went to answer the door. It was a neighbour; he needed some advice about a petition he was trying to put together. I invited him in and we sat in the sitting room to discuss the issue. As we talked, from another room, I was occasionally aware that someone was texting my phone, sending me messages. After about twenty minutes, Julie entered the sitting room and the three of us made small talk until our neighbour left after almost an hour.

“What were all those messages on my phone?” I asked Julie, as I was shutting the front door.

“From Julia. Don’t worry, it’s all sorted out now, you shouldn’t have any problems,” she replied, whilst handing my phone back to me. “I deleted all the messages off, so no one can find them on there, if they should search.”

Offering no further explanation, she wondered off into the kitchen to fix some food. Finding nothing on the television worth watching, I made my way to the bathroom for a shower and shave.

Half an hour later, as I was coming out of the bathroom, Julie called from the kitchen, “dinners ready.”

I threw on some tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt and went into the dinning room. Julie sat at the table with a large grin on her face. Next to her was Julia. I stopped dead in my tracks and did a double take of my own.

Before I could form any words, Julie said, “Sit down and enjoy your dinner, everything’s fine.”

In a trance, but with my heart racing, I took my place at the table and looked across to Julie. She returned my questioning gaze with a smile and a quick wink then nodded her head towards Julia. Julia was obviously feeling a bit awkward and not making eye contact with me. She reached to the centre of the table for a roll of bread. I noticed how slender and delicate her hands, and fingers were. I looked across at her and for the first time took in her astonishing beauty. Her skin was dark and smooth, like rich chocolate, her features pretty, lips full and soft, eyes dark and deep enough to dive into, like bottomless pools. She wore her long black hair braided and pulled back into a ponytail, which reached, to the middle of her back. In a daze and in silence, I ate my meal; feeling excited and scared both at the same time. Occasionally, Julia would look up from her plate towards me, but now it was I who was avoiding eye contact, as I tried to resist the lecherous thoughts I was having over this teenage student of mine.

When we had all finished eating, Julie got up to clear the table, but before she collected any dishes, she moved to stand behind Julia and reached around to her front, to the buttons on her cream coloured shirt. With her fingertips, she undid the two top buttons on the teenager’s blouse, all the time looking directly at me and smiling coyly. Then, she collected up some dirty plates and left the room.

I sat totally still, like a rabbit caught in some headlights, not daring to move. My reservations about indulging in any relationship with a student were fast being pushed aside by my lust for this most exquisite creature now sat across the table from me. Still trance like, I watched as she got up from the table and moved around to the side so that I could see her clearly. It was as if she was displaying herself to me. She stood, feet spaced shoulder width apart, hands down by her sides. Now I could take in the full loveliness of her teenage body. She is slightly taller than average for a nineteen year old girl, slim, with athletic grace gained from playing netball in the college team. She wore a cream coloured shirt that contrasted so wonderfully with her dark unblemished skin. It now had three buttons undone so that the fabric of a white bra was just visible where the shirt was open. Her breasts are medium sized and suit her frame perfectly; they rose and fell with her breathing drawing my gaze to her young cleavage. Her shirt hung loosely outside a pair of navy blue jeans that hugged her athletic legs, fairly narrow hips, and as she slowly turned around in front of me, a heart shaped, firm bottom. On her feet was a pair of white running shoes. She looked so good that it would have been impossible for me, or anyone, to resist her. I was acutely conscious of my hardening cock, making an obscene tent in my loose fitting tracksuit trousers.

Julie re-entered the room and I caught my breath seeing her in just her underwear. She must have taken off some clothes in the kitchen. She wore a matching dark red bra and panty set with white hold-up stockings. Julie is tall and slim with a 34b-24-34 figure. Her dark hair she wares shoulder length, her skin is soft and lightly tanned. She has a perfect waist, flat stomach and long slender legs. Moving past me, she held out a hand to Julia who clasped it in her own. Then, hand in hand, she led the teenager out of the dinning room and into the sitting room. I followed, unable to do otherwise.

Julie and Julia sat next to each other on the sofa and I made my way to an armchair opposite them. I remembered that Julie had a history of lesbian lovers from her university days, but to my knowledge, she had been heterosexual for the past twelve years or so. It now appeared that things, in that regard, were about to change. Julie reached over to Julia and lightly stroked the girl on her cheek before placing her hand on the back of Julias’ head, drawing her towards her. Their lips touched delicately. I watched them intensely, my cock twitching in my trousers. Julie lightly caressed the outside of Julias’ dark lips with her tongue before my student parted them and allowed my partners tongue to push inside. Julie now held Julias’ face in both her hands and mashed her lips into the teenagers. As they kissed, I could see their tongues fencing with each other. I was spellbound, absolutely certain that I was watching one of the sexiest scenes ever. It was obvious that Julia was no stranger to kissing, the beautiful contrast between Julie, pale and thirty-five, and Julia, dark and nineteen was becoming a major turn on for me.

Finally, the two of them drew apart, both breathing heavily and clearly very aroused.

“You really sure that you want to do this, Julia?” Julie asked the teenager.

“Yes.” Julia replied without hesitation. “Yes, Mrs Ryan, everything we discussed by text. I want to do it all.”

Julie turned to look at me. “Julia has some very dirty and dark fantasies which the two of us discussed by text message earlier. She is the perfect, total slut, and we will enjoy her enormously.”

I sat there speechless as she continued, “Julias’ fantasies revolve around complete submission and total humiliation. She wants to be degraded, used and abused, to suit our pleasure. The nastier and the dirtier the degradation, the more of a slut and slave to us she wants to be.”

As I tried to form some response of my own, Julia spoke. “Yes, Mr Ryan, everything Mrs Ryan says is true. I’m not a virgin; In fact, I have been having sex since I was eighteen. I’m constantly horny, all the time. I no longer get satisfaction from regular, normal sex. I want you to take me to the extremes of humiliation, how ever nasty or debasing. I want to be made to do it, and to do it for the two of you.”

They could both see that I was somewhat surprised about Julias’ revelations. Julie winked at me and then turned back to Julia. She reached over to cradle Julia’s innocent looking young face again in her hands, drawing her towards her as if to kiss her again. Just before their lips joined, Julie drew away and spat full force into the teenagers face. Julia stopped moving in shock for a moment before bringing her lips forcefully onto Julies. A guttural moan of pleasure passed from her throat as she and Julie snogged again. A large globule of Julies’ spittle had landed on her pristine ebony cheek and it slowly ran down the side of her face. Pulling away from the kiss, she brought a finger to her cheek and wiped the spit into the corner of her pretty mouth. She rolled it once around her mouth with her tongue and swallowed, and then her pink tongue licked her lips to catch any that remained.

“Oh yes.” she breathed before sinking back into the cushions of the sofa.

“See,” said Julie, “she loves it dirty.”

There was nothing I could add to that.