Innocent Girl Finds Sex in the Sauna

I always dreamed of travelling the sky’s and when I turned 20 I got accepted on a air hostess training program. It aimed at giving young applicants a three week experience before going through the whole recruitment process. I was so excited. Our first trip was to Sweden, for an overnight, and then back home to London. The airline wanted to keep our look professional so we were given a blue skirt and jacket with the little gold wings to wear for the trip. We were also allowed to bring with us a small overnight suitcase as we would be spending the night at a hotel in a little tourist town in North Sweden, and returning on a flight the next morning.

The day arrived. I put on my uniform and my mother dropped me off at the airport. I was nervous all dressed up on my first real job. I met the other 2 recruits at the designated meeting point in the airport. They were Tom (25 years old) and Jenny (18 years old). We were given a quick summary as to what our duties would be on the flight and then we were guided through security and onto the plane.

After take off I was responsible for walking behind the catering air hostess and smiling to the passengers as I offered them a drink. The flight was quickly over and we were taken by bus to a small hotel resort to spend the night. It was only 4pm when we arrived and we were free to spend the afternoon and evening as we wanted. The hotel was isolated in the ski hills so we had to entertain ourselves there. The hotel had a gym and sauna which Tom and Jenny had planned to use. I went to my room to change into something casual, but soon realised that I had not brought with me anything other than a long dress for the evening. I stayed in my uniform and went out to the hotel shop to buy something to wear. It had just closed. On my way back up to the room I passed Jenny who had already changed into black leggings and a halter top for the gym. I told her that I didn’t have anything to wear so wouldn’t be able to come to the gym.

She told me to meet her at the Sauna after she had done some gym. I decided to go try out the sauna as the Swedish sauna experience was famous. It was an outdoors sauna with a plunge pool next to it in the snow for cooling off. I arrived 30 minutes later at the Gym. Jenny was sweated out and ready to try the sauna. I went into the change room and asked the lady for two towels. She handed me over these tiny towels so I asked her if she didn’t have any bigger ones and was given a look, which required no words. I took off my skirt and blouse and left my underwear and bra on and placed the towel around me. Jenny took her gym clothes off and covered herself with the towel. Jenny was much shorter than I so the towel reached from her neckline to her knees, but on me it just covered my breasts and ended up at the bottom of my butt. We were about to leave the change room and Jenny told me my bra strap would burn me in the sauna. I unclipped it and took it off.

We entered the sauna and felt the hot air engulf us. I noticed that there were others in the sauna already. I was a bit taken back as there were two men and another women all sitting there totally nude. I didn’t realise it was a unisex sauna and I was shocked that they didn’t care to cover up and weren’t embarrassed. We sat on the upper bench opposite the 3 others. They stared at us as we held our towels tightly around us. Meanwhile, as I sat down my towel would either have to drop below my cleavage line or go up over my miniskirt line. Without much thinking I sat down and the towel rode up my thighs, exposing my pink satin panties. I pushed my legs together, not really considering why I was doing it.

The heat was stifling, and only after a few minutes I felt sweat beads build up on my face. I started to relax into the situation and then casually observed the others around me. The girl on the bench opposite me had long blond hair, green eyes and a slim figure. She had smallish round breasts with small nipples. Her legs were together, so I could only make out the shape of her small blond patch of hairs showing in a triangular shape around her pubic region. Next to her was this blond guy, who was well built. He looked like he could be her brother. He also had blond hair and green eyes. He had hardly any body hair. Opposite Jenny there was this other guy with short black hair and brown eyes. He sat with his legs open and I could make out his penis when I looked to the side. All of this was strange. The blond guy got up to put water on the coals and I couldn’t help but notice his butt. It was tight and small and rounded. As he moved to spoon water I noticed his balls through the gap between his legs. They were large and had almost no hair on them. Coming off it he had this long penis, which just hung there. I said to myself that I shouldn’t be staring, but I couldn’t help myself.

I felt a cloud of steam as the water hit the coals. The heat now vapourised was intense. The temperature had picked up a few degrees. Sweat beads were dropping off my legs and arms. I noticed Jenny also getting hot. She is frustration dropped her towel and let her breasts show. They still showed her summer bikini tan. They were smallish and I noticed sweat beads forming around them too. I closed my eyes and placed my back against the sauna wall and just let the heat take over. It was getting a bit unbearable with the towel and so I just gave up my inhibition and pulled it off. I bunched up my knees into kneeling position and pulled them into my chest. My pink panties were soaked through. The others looked at me probably wondering why I was still wearing panties. Jenny I think didn’t notice I had them on still and followed suite, dropping her towel. I looked over at her and noticed her tufts of pubic hair show through her slightly parted legs. The two guys and the girl opposite us got up to go outside to cool off in the cold tub. I watched as they got up and I looked at them noticing their butts as the door closed behind them. I had wanted to be carefree like the others but was still being held back by something inside me. After they had left the sauna, I decided this was my chance of letting go, of expressing a deep desire to break my inhibition, and just open my wings and fly. I pulled off my drenched panties and pulled my legs together to hide my nakedness. Without thinking I bunched up my legs again and pulled my knees in towards my chest, closing my eyes.

My thoughts took me far away. The sauna door opened again and the one guy and girl came back in. This time the guy sat opposite me. He smiled at me, obviously noticing my wet panties next to me. I don’t know what got into me, but I opened my legs so that he could clearly see between them. My knees were still up so the view was perfect. He would have seen my partly shaved pubic hair and my clitoris, which was all steamy from the sauna. I kept my eyes closed but opened them slightly to see him staring between my legs. I closed my eyes, but felt this rush of hormones from being so exposed. My nipples felt sensitive and hardened and I felt a numbness in my clitoris. It was swollen and aroused. It wanted to be touched. Jenny got up to get out, as she had had enough, and she was going to he room to call her boyfriend. I stayed inside. As I opened my eyes to see her close the door, I noticed the guy in front of me. He gave this affirmative smile to show that he was enjoying the view and I noticed his penis was semi erect.

The next few minutes had me totally shocked. This guy put his hands on the legs of the girl sitting next to him. She then climbed on his legs facing him. They seemed to be kissing. I noticed form the side that her nipples were erect and long and that his penis was now standing up hard. She didn’t move but they kissed. A few minutes passed and then suddenly he lifts her and places her on his penis. They were having sex in front of me. As her butt went up I noticed his penis going inside her and his big balls knocking against her butt. I didn’t know if I should get out or not. She was moaning on every upstroke. All of this aroused me and I struggled sitting there just ignoring it. They obviously didn’t care about my presence. I thought this to be too weird and got up to leave. As I bent over to get my bunched up panties I felt a hand on my butt. I looked up and as I raised myself the girl still sitting on his penis pulled me closer to tell me something. She left her one palm rested on my butt, while she placed her other hand around my neck. I did not know how to respond. I lifted my towel to cover myself.

She then lifted herself off his erect penis and stood in front of me. I noticed as she slid off his penis that his penis head glistened with her remnants of her wetness. He then took his penis into his and started masturbating furiously, as she placed her hand around my lower back and pulled me closer to her. Her other hand grabbed my towel which I was hanging in front of me to preserve my modesty. Her little round breasts had these perky nipples and she moved right into me, her breasts now against my larger breasts. It was a strange feeling to be flesh against flesh with another women.

Meanwhile this guy was still jerking off in front of us. She tightened her grip around my back letting her fingers drop down to my butt and then she squeezed my butt tightly. I was nervous yet highly excited, but too flabbergasted to do anything myself. My arms just hung there. Her fingers dropped down further and stretched around my butt and onto my wet hole. She put a single finger inside me and I melted instantly. I could not handle the need anymore and I wanted to be fucked so badly. I wanted immediate action to bring me to climax. The excitement was rupturing through my while body in waves of tension. My nipples were hard and my vagina oiled for action. My legs started to wobble and I needed to sit down so I sat next to the guy and the girl stood in front of me and kissed me on my mouth. I just let go and let my tongue twirl around hers. I tasted her salty saliva, and she tasted mine. I was now in another world and I didn’t care about anything other than receiving and giving bodily pleasure.

I wanted sex, but would just go with the flow. I noticed the guy still pulling his penis and I took my arm out and clenched his penis to masturbate him. I felt the stickiness of his sex with the girl. I so wanted to feel inside me. The girl pulled my hand and kept pulling me. I didn’t know what she was doing. I then realised she was trying to tell me to get up. I did and she then sat in my place. She then pulled me backwards and helf my hips as she positioned me on top of this guys penis. I felt it enter me. I orgasmed at the feeling. It was warm and big and fleshy and hard and I pulled myself down on him, facing the other way. I closed my eyes, lifted back my head, feeling his face against the back of my head, and put both my hands on the sauna bench to lever myself up and down his shaft. I rotated myself up and down each time feeling pangs of pleasure. She put her fingers onto my clitoris and stimulated me further. I felt the nerve endings tighten up and contract and I pulled myself up and down faster and harder. I was now moaning. I was in my own world. I hear the guy grunt and I felt her fingers rubbing my clit in circles.

I felt the tidal wave of pleasure approach. I pushed harder and I felt all my points sparkle and release. I had orgasmed twice in a row. I felt the tension flow out of my body and I lifted myself off his penis. He was still hard and hadn’t come yet. I put my hands around it and before I could even stroke it he went “uhhh- agggggh”, and his penis pulsated. Sperm flew out like bullets, some of it landing on my hair and face. He shot out again this time flying into mid air. I sat back on the bench sweated out with sex and heat, I wiped his white milky sperm off my face with my towel and sat back to absorb what had just happened. It was so- not the shy, innocent me. I thought maybe it was fantasy, but I saw my bunched up pink panties on the floor and realised it all really happened.