Highway Masturbation

My husband was away on business yet again. As is normal for us, we text back and forth trying to keep in touch. Silly little texts all morning long about how our days were going, flirting some but keeping it light as we were both pretty busy.

But somewhere around lunchtime his texts become slightly naughty. He had never done this before so it completely caught me off guard. He texted saying he missed me which is nothing new, but went on to type he missed not just me but very specific parts of me, his favorite parts of me. He described those favorite parts in great detail, the way my nipples looked all puckered up with desire, desire he caused with his hands and his mouth. The supple skin that starts on the underside of my breast and continues along my rib cage and how when he traces it with his fingertip it makes me giggle. The back of my knee and the goose bumps that a lick of his tongue can cause. My long fingers and how they softly grace his own skin.

I could not keep my eyes off the screen of the phone as I anticipated every text and they were really starting to heat me up. I only encouraged him by describing how my body was responding to his words; my nipples were stiffening and I could feel them rub against the silky material of my bra. My pussy was starting to pulsate and began moistening my panties. I was chewing on my lower lip.

This only egged him on and made his texts even dirtier. He was becoming more descriptive telling me what he now wanted to do to me. His mouth wanted to take in the hard nubs of my breasts, suck profusely until they were achingly stiff and then tease them with a flick of his tongue. His tongue desired to swirl its wetness in my belly button and then trail southward to warmer more parts. Then he wanted to take my toes in his mouth, savoring them and then softly suck until I was wiggling uncontrollably. I was starting to squirm in my chair with the pictures he was painting in my mind.

About mid afternoon, he texted that he was in a boardroom style meeting and had a raging hard on that was only being controlled by the waistband of his slacks and thankfully concealed by his sweater. He wished he could rub his palm up and down his hard cock a few times and how if we kept up this texting he was going to fly home early so he could pick me up, throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out. I envisioned him at this meeting with his pants tented and giggled.

I proceeded to text back how I wanted to walk right into that boardroom with high heels, skirt taught against my ass and nipples pricking through my blouse and my shoes clicking on hardwood flooring, kneel before him, unzip his pants, grasp his stiff cock, lick the precum then envelope his swollen purple head with my hot wet lips and let him slide down the length of my warm tongue. He could then sit back and watch my head bob up and down in his lap while he felt the pleasurable skill of my mouth on his rigid cock.

He texted me back telling me how that was making his cock twitch for my sweet pussy and he was losing concentration for the meeting right quick.

When I was finished teasing him with my oral abilities, he was going to pick me up, place me on that boardroom table, slide my skirt up my hips, tear off my panties off with his teeth, spread my legs wide and eat me like the dinner he was hungry for. He wanted to part my sopping wet pussy lips, fuck me with his tongue and fingers until I was begging for his cock. Only then would he give me the satisfaction of a good hard fuck, a slap on the ass and a quick yank of my hair.

At this point we had been texting for most of the afternoon and we so thoroughly wound each other up, my hands were shaking slightly, my heart was racing and I wasn’t able to focus my thoughts on work. Unfortunately we weren’t able to do anything about this crazy state of arousal we were in until we were backing home together in a few days.

His meeting was now finished and I needed to wrap some work up before heading home. We both texted each other about how much fun sexting was and we would certainly have to do it again but only when we could meet each other at home to finish what we started. He did ask me if I was going to do anything about my state of arousal and I said I might if I still felt horny enough when I got home.

He asked me to do him a favor. I readily agreed even without knowing what that favor might be, but knew that he wouldn’t ask me to do anything to out of the ordinary. I was a little taken aback when his favor turned out to be for me to masturbate. I explained that it would be risky at work, but he said he thought in the car was a better idea. He explained that knowing how aroused I was and knowing that I was releasing myself in sort of a public way was a huge turn on for him. I hesitantly agreed to it and that I would tell him about it later.

I was certainly nervous about our agreement. I had never done anything quite like that before yet alone in the car in the parking lot of work and in the light of day but the more I thought about it the more I really wanted to fulfill his favor. My nervous state of arousal, the anticipation of the entire afternoon and the culmination of our sexting drove me to my final decision.

When work was finally done, I walked out to my car, got in and sat there for a brief second thinking about what I was going to do, how turned on I still was and how I really was going to have absolutely no problem fulfilling his favor.

I settled into the driver’s seat, draped the shawl I was wearing that day over my shoulder and down over my knee to cover up what I was going to be doing just in case someone came along. I looked around for any watchful eyes then reached beneath the shawl, unzipped my slacks, slid my hand underneath my panties and continued even further down until my fingers touched the warm folds of my pussy. The amount of wetness there took me by surprise. I was very slippery wet indicating that our afternoon of sexting had a very powerful effect on me.

Once my fingers were there and very happy to be playing, I just sort of let my inhibitions loose and allowed my hand to take over. I plunged my middle finger deep into my pussy like an oil dipstick to draw out even more wetness so I could then smear it around and start playing with my clit. I moaned at how good I was feeling and knew it would not take me long to reach my goal and grant my husband his favor.

I was basking in the pleasure of my play and really wanted to just sit in the car until I was completely sated, but I was reminded by the mass exodus from our office building that it was Friday and I really needed to get on the road or traffic was going to be terrible. So I started up the car and with my hand still down my panties swirling my clit which was now hard and so very swollen pulled out of the parking space.

As I was driving, I could feel my body respond so strongly and knew my release was so close, I wanted it and I needed it so bad that I was hoping to catch a red light so I could stop driving for just a moment, drive my clit to orgasm quickly, and hopefully avoid an accident. But no luck there. I drove for about two miles with my hand down my pants.

My finger finally finding that spot on my clit, you know that one that takes you to an orgasm very quickly was seriously concentrating on it now, swirling in slow motion building myself up to that crest.

I finally reached that red light right before I had to get on the expressway and pressed down hard on the brake pedal with my foot. I was oblivious of the cars around me as I leaned back, closed my eyes and thought about your earlier seduction. I started panting as I envisioned his head between my legs, his warm tongue on my clit and fingers fucking my steamy pussy.

I continued stroking that spot and knew that I was only seconds away from that much needed orgasm. My face started to flush with rushing blood, the lips on my face felt hot and swollen, my nipples grew achingly hard, my hands shook a bit and then the final thought of his hand slapping my ass and that yank of my hair made me cum like a sparked explosion right there in the seat of my car.

My entire body stiffened and I actually stopped breathing for just a moment as I rode the pulsating waves of white hot orgasm out for few brief exhilarating seconds before I was forced to recover quickly as the light turned green.

I merged into traffic panting and feeling a little dizzy, but after a minute felt completely and utterly relaxed.