First Time In Public

It was the summer after I graduated from high school; I was eighteen at the time. I was dating the guy who was to eventually become my first husband. He was two years older than I. We both worked day jobs and saw each other most evenings.

We both worked about 5 minutes from a large county park. In nice weather, when our lunch hours coincided, we used to meet at the park for lunch. Both of us would brown bag it on those days that we planned to meet. In that park there were probably 20 or so groves each complete with picnic tables, stationary grills, swing sets, see saws, etc. On the hillsides that separated each picnic grove were, scattered here and there, picnic tables and a few stationary grills.

We would meet at the same grove each time that we went there, then walk up the hill to one of the picnic tables that were removed from a grove and other people. We usually picked a table that was near the top of the hill. We would and sit there, in our own private world, and eat and talk. We were in complete view of the road and of everyone else that was using that portion of the park, yet we were also alone together and could talk privately.

The first time that we had overt sexual contact there happened on a beautiful warm sunny day. We had finished eating our lunches and we were sitting talking. I was sitting on top of the picnic table and he was sitting sideways on the bench in front of me, straddling the bench. My feet were resting on the seat that he was sitting on. My back was toward the road at the bottom of the hill where most of the other people were. He moved over until he was sitting between my feet, with one of my legs on each side of him. Lifting his leg that was on the outer side of the bench he threw it up over the bench and turned to face me. He was now sitting on the bench between my legs, facing me, as I sat above him on the table top.

As we talked he slipped his hands up under my dress. I didn’t mind at all and I allowed him to go on without any protesting from me. I knew that no one could see what we were doing because my back was toward all the others that were there. I was facing the top of the hill with no other tables above ours. The top of the hill was covered with dense thick woods.

He rubbed my crotch thru my panties and it felt soooo good. I even spread my thighs open to give him better access. He had a talent for rubbing me in just the right places, thru my clothes. I was enjoying his touch and the feelings that he was creating in me.

He stopped rubbing my crotch thru my panties and slipped his hands around to the side of my hips then up to my waist. I felt his fingers grasp the elastic band at the waist of my panties and wondered what he was up to. He began pulling my panties down over my hips. I clasp my thighs back tight together in defense of his actions.

Being a little hesitant I ordered him, “Stop!”

“Just trust me,” he said in a hushed voice.

I looked around behind me and saw that there was still no one near us. The closest people to us were a couple that was eating lunch at a picnic table about 200 feet down hill from where we were sitting. I was facing away from them so they could not see what we were doing. Knowing that there was no one close to us I relented. I didn’t say a word to encourage him but I stopped protesting and lifted my butt up slightly, allowing him to slip my panties down over my hips.

I was wearing a full, layered peasant skirt with a hem length that fell a few inches below my knees. My skirt was long enough and full enough that it was covering me well and hiding what we were doing. I had sandals on my feet which I had kicked off when I boosted myself up on the top of the picnic table.

Slowly, so as to not draw attention to ourselves, he slid my panties down my thighs, over my calves and off my bare feet. He scrunched them up in a ball and stuffed them into his pocket.

Reaching up under my skirt again, he slowly slid his hands up my thighs, causing shivers to run up my spine. I felt very sexy sitting there in public while he toyed with my bare legs under my skirt. When his hands reached the top of my thighs one of his hands found its way down between my thighs to my pussy. Very lightly and tenderly his fingers brushed across my lips. Then he started trying to push his hand under me to cup my pussy in his hand.

Before spreading my thighs again I glanced around behind me, looking to see if anyone was watching us. Everyone else, that I could see, was so engrossed in their own activities that they were not paying any attention to us or anyone else.

I leaned back slightly, propping myself on my outstretched arms behind me, causing my crotch to move up and forward, making it available to his fingers. I also spread my legs open giving him better access to my pussy. His fingers poked and prodded a little then he found my slit and started slipping a finger between my lips, sliding it up and down. The sensations that he was creating in me were fantastic.

I had sex outside quite a few times up till this point but never in such a public place. We usually found a private out of the way place if we wanted to do something sexual outside. Having him play with my pussy while there were other people around just heightened my excitement.

Gradually, using his other hand, he began slipping my skirt up my legs until the hem was at the top of my thighs. I was pretty much completely exposed but I had still had my back to all the other people, so no one could see what we were doing. My pussy was now almost completely out in the open.

His fingers found my clitoris and he started pressing on it and rubbing it. I could feel my juices flowing and I was getting very wet between my legs. I was starting to breath heavy and my heart rate was increasing. After rubbing my clitoris some, one of his fingers found my vagina and he began inserting it. I could feel his finger filling me as he slowly slipped it up inside me. By this time my libido was so high that I didn’t mind what he did to me. With his finger buried deep inside my vagina I began to squirm and fidget with the pleasure that he was giving me.

“Not so wild, Honey. Someone will notice us if you squirm around like that,” he told me.

I tried not to squirm around but it wasn’t easy. I could feel an orgasm beginning to build deep within me and I was afraid that I might cry out if I had an orgasm. I tried to subdue it to no avail. My orgasm kept getting stronger as it built and I began to shudder slightly when, suddenly, he pulled his finger out of me. I was not sure if he pulled it out of me because he was tormenting me or if he even realized that I was on the verge of a crescendo.

He leaned forward, placing his face between my legs, trying to place a kiss on my pussy but I was sitting too far back from the edge of the table top to make this possible. I scrunched forward, with the back of my dress draped on the table top under my butt, until I was sitting with my butt on the edge of the table. Now my pussy was hanging over the edge of the table top giving him easy access to it. Sliding his right hand around behind my hips, under my dress, he placed his hand behind me against my bare butt and held me there. Then he leaned forward again and kissed my pussy; this time reaching his goal. Instead of just kissing me, he began licking me and pressing his tongue between my lips. As he licked me he lifted his left hand up under my pussy and inserted a finger up inside my vagina.

I jumped in pleasure as his finger entered me while he continued licking me. I could feel that filled feeling as his finger slipped deeper into my body. I was soaking wet between my thighs and I was getting more and more excited. I kept looking around to make sure that no one was walking up the hill toward us or approaching us. No one was looking at us. No one even seemed to have noticed us.

I still felt a little hesitant yet the excitement I was experiencing told me to trust him. I felt nervous at be this exposed right out in public in front of all these people, even though they had no idea of what we were doing. My excitement was feeding on my nervousness. I was a little afraid of what was going to happen yet my stomach fluttered in anticipation of what was going to happen.

As he licked me and nibbled on my clitoris I felt my orgasm building deep inside myself again. This time he didn’t stop when I began to shudder and my trembling became a full fledged orgasm. My breathing was ragged and my heart was pounding in my ears. I closed my eyes as my head spun in my excitement. I felt faint; that kind of faint that occurs when you lose control and act strictly on your impulses.

Suddenly my muscles tensed and my body went stiff. I tried not to buck up in the air as I usually did in an orgasm so as not to call attention to ourselves. My leg muscles tightened and my legs lifted and stuck straight out in front of me. My thighs tried clamping closed but his head between them kept them open. My vaginal muscles tightened around his tongue, now inserted into my vagina. My anal muscles tightened and my bum clenched involuntarily. Those feeling of pleasure that a girl gets during her orgasm shot from my pussy through out my whole body. I bit my lip, trying to keep from crying out in my joy as I usually do. I was conscious of the fact that I was making guttural sounds in my throat and moaning quietly, expressing my pleasure, but all of my other reactions were being controlled involuntarily.

My muscles relaxed as my release swept over me and I relaxed. My heart was still pounding in my chest but my breathing was beginning to come back to normal. At this point I wasn’t worried about other people in the park. I wasn’t worried about others seeing us. My whole being was now centered between my legs, in the pleasure that I had just received. I didn’t care what happened now; I would have done anything for a second orgasm right then and there.

After eating me for a few minutes he stood up between my legs, facing me, and took me in his arms. He pulled me against him and we kissed deeply, exploring each others mouth with our tongues. He held me tight, knowing how much I love being held after making love. My breasts were crushed against his chest, under my clothes, adding to the pleasure of my afterglow. I felt extremely satisfied and fulfilled. I also felt very very loved.

I sat there in his arms, with my arms wrapped around him also, enjoying our embrace and the afterglow of our love making. After a few minutes of cuddling he dropped his arms and backed up slightly, reaching down between us. I kept my arms wrapped around him as he found the front of his pants and unzipped and opened them. Slipping the top of his pants and underwear down to the top of his thighs his penis popped out in the open between us, completely hard. I reached down and took his penis in my hand, lightly stroking him, as he stood there in front of me, still between my spread legs.

Wrapping his arms around me again, we kissed very deeply. He moved forward again until his penis, still in my hand, was directly in front of my pussy, almost touching it. As he leaned into me I guided his penis with my hand, between my lips, until its head was entering my vagina. Leaning farther into me I felt him enter me. Slowly his penis filled me as he leaned into me, stretching my vagina open as he went further. Deeper and deeper into my vagina his penis traveled until I could feel our pubic hair pressed together and I knew I had taken all of him deep inside my body.

When he reached his depth he slipped his hands under my dress again and slid them under my hips, holding one hip in each hand. Sliding his penis slowly in and out of me he clenched my bare hips in his hands. His fingers were just touching the edges of my anus on each side causing me even more excitement and pleasure. I kept my hands behind his back with my arms still wrapped around him.

I turned my head around looking at the other people and they were completely oblivious to what we were doing. My thoughts were racing as he stood there with his penis buried inside my vagina. Here we were making love in front of maybe 40 or 50 other people and not one of them had any idea as to what we were doing. The idea that we were making love in such a public place, with all these other people around, was driving me mad with excitement.

He didn’t pump in and out of me very fast because he didn’t want to attract attention. Instead he slowly pulled back then slowly pushed back up inside me. It was almost a maddeningly slow pace. I wanted him to speed up and slam into me as he usually did. I was not used to this slow pace.

The pace of his strokes didn’t matter to my body. Almost immediately I had an orgasm. This one wasn’t as strong as the first but it was good.

I had not recovered from my first orgasm when I felt him push deep and hard into me and then stop all of his movement. I could clearly feel his penis begin to tremble then throb deep inside my vagina. The head of his penis was pressed against my cervix causing me some pain that was quickly interpreted as pleasure by my body. This caused my orgasm to climb even higher instead of subsiding. I shuddered and shook as I felt him explode deep inside my vagina. His warm cum gushed out of his penis, directly against my cervix causing my orgasm to stretch out even further. I stiffened and my vaginal muscles clamped tight around the invader pushing deep inside my body. His eruption seemed to last longer than it usually did. Over and over his warm sticky fluid surged into my hungry pussy. It was like violent torrents streaming hard against my cervix. My anal muscles clenched tight as though trying to pull away from the touch of his fingertips on the edges of my anus. My eyes closed in ecstasy. My heart pounded inside my chest and my head spun. I was at the pinnacle of an orgasm that didn’t seem to want to subside. This was one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever experienced.

Eventually his orgasm slowed and so did the jets of cum gushing into me. His penis was now slowly shrinking and just oozing its sweet nectar into my vagina. At this point my elongated orgasm reached its zenith and began to subside. My vaginal muscles began to relax as did my anal muscles. My breathing began to become more regular. I opened my eyes and was looking straight into my lovers face.

“Are you OK?” he questioned.

I managed to say, “Yes” between gasps for air.

I sat there as he stood in front of me, his penis, now shrinking, still buried in my body. We embraced again and kissed long and deep. After cuddling for a time his penis shrunk completely and slipped out of me. By this time we had both recovered our composure. Releasing me from our embrace he stepped back and pulled his pants up. They had fallen most of the way to his ankles while we were making love.

After he finished fastening his pants and straightening himself, I asked, “Can I have my panties back?”

He fished them from his pocket and handed them to me.

“I guess I better wait until I get back to work to put these back on. I can go in the ladies room and redress,” I commented.

“Why? Nobody’s going to look at you here. Put them back on if you want. Nobody looked at me while I was pulling up my pants,” he answered.

“Do you really think it is OK?” I asked.

“Sure I do,” he told me.

I stood up off my seat on the top of the picnic table and stepped down off the seat, onto the ground. I turned around facing all the other people that were there in the park that day. Looking around to make sure that no one was looking at me, and no one was, I bent over and stepped into my panties. Sliding them up my legs I lifted my skirt up and pulled them all the way up. I was getting a thrill out of pulling my panties on with so many other people there that could see me. I watched and no one paid any attention to what I was doing.

We walked back to our cars. No one even looked at us. I was afraid we might get looks as though they knew what we had been doing. The other people there were completely oblivious to what we had been doing, totally engrossed in their own world.

That was the first time that I ever had sex in public but it was not to be the last. I couldn’t wait until we could do it again. It was such a strong rush that I wanted to experience it again. After that day there was hardly a time went by, that we didn’t meet for lunch at the park, and that we didn’t make love right there with everyone else around. It was a fantastic experience. And we didn’t just make love on the picnic table either. We found some very novel ways and places to satisfy our sexual desires on our lunch hours.