Earning a Living

This isn’t meant to sound vain or arrogant but I’m sexy and very pretty and look a bit like the singer Katy Perry. I’ve been popular with guys since my boobs first developed just after my 13th birthday. They are now 32c and I’m a natural size 10 with longish died black hair. I’m Bianca; 21 the youngest of three sisters, Tanya – 29, Stacey – 27 and me; the black sheep of the family with 6 tattoos to prove it.

Looking like I do has been a curse and a blessing in equal measures over the years. I love the attention my looks and boobs brings as I’ve always been an attention seeker – you should see how I dress! But I’m drawn to ‘bad boys’ who are often married or in a relationship. They, in return are drawn to me; which is why I had to move in with my elder sister 6 weeks ago. I’ll not bore you with the details but my flatmate wasn’t too happy when she found me in her bed with her boyfriend and his brother. What made it worse was that I worked in my flatmate’s parents’ shop so following a stand-up argument in front of everyone when I arrived in the shop two days later; I lost my job too.

My sister, Tanya and her family live in a four bed roomed detached house on a very nice estate.

No job meant no money so I’ve found myself living with my elder sister and her family. She’s got a good job in a Bank and her husband manages a Supermarket across town. Her husband Max is a great guy (if a little boring) and has a crush on me. Max left for work at 7am every morning and Tanya took their son to school on her way to work every morning at 8.15 which left me free to be bored out of my skull all day as I had no money; until they came home at 6 o’clock.

Well, I say ‘bored’ but that just means I could make my own entertainment!

I’d moved in on the Saturday and on the Wednesday I was standing at the door from the utility room at about 11.30; smoking a cigarette and checking my texts. The doorway was quite secluded; with a high locked gate at one end to the left of the linked passageway and to the right two back gardens were about 6 feet the other way. Suddenly the door to the neighbouring utility room opened and a man in his fifties got a shock as he put some rubbish in the wheelie-bin.

“Fu…..Bloody Hell!” He laughed and clutched his chest – pretending to have a heart attack. “I’m not used to anyone else being around during the week.” He laughed.

I smiled and introduced myself.

“Of course,” he joked, “I’d forgottan that Tanya was expecting guests.”

He introduced himself as Ian; but everyone called him Minty and chatted about the neighbourhood and his grown up family. I was so engrossed in the conversation it didn’t dawn on me until after a couple of minutes that I was still wearing the loose t-shirt that I’d worn in bed and it finished about 5 inches above my knees and I was wearing nothing underneath – no bra or panties. The dirty old bugger was getting an eyeful; especially as the cool breeze in the passageway between the houses was making my nipples stiffen and the hem of the shirt flap a little.

When I finished my cigarette I made my excuses and went back inside. It wasn’t just my nipples that were tingling now….my pussy was too. A mans age has never been a problem for me; and Ian was well in his 50’s over 6 feet tall and very thick set and rugged with a number 2 crop and a gold earring. He looked a bit like Shrek but with a twinkle in his eyes. I was soon standing in the middle of the huge kitchen stroking my damp kitty. I heard some noises from the garden and spotted Minty hanging the washing out. The more I watched from my secluded position the less he looked like Shrek and more like Jack Nicholson, dressed in his baggy combat shorts and Nike t-shirt. I also spotted a tattoo on each of his calves and a couple of faded ones on his forearms. One was a Bulldog holding a Union Jack and another looked like a football crest.

He eventually spotted me and smiled and waved. I waved back, but little did he know that my other hand was stroking my kitty. With all of the trauma of the last couple of weeks I hadn’t had sex since the threesome fiasco with my ex-boss’s husband and his brother. 18 cock free days was a long time for me and my pussy needed seeing to. I took my fresh cup of coffee and went back to bed and found my ‘rampant rabbit’ in my bag and proceeded to masturbate for the next hour or so; giving myself three orgasms fantasising about the failed threesome and my new next door neighbour.

Before going to work my sister had left some money and a list of groceries that needed buying; so I unhappily went to the supermarket in the afternoon. On my return Minty was cutting the grass on his front lawn. When he saw me get out of the taxi and approach the house he pulled his i-pod earphones out and winked. “How’re you this afternoon?”

“Fine thanks.” I replied and brushed some imaginary fluff off my chest.

“I nearly didn’t recognise you with your clothes on.” He winked again and stared at my tits.

I smiled and let myself into the house knowing the old man was watching my every move; which was no surprise; as I was wearing a very short denim skirt, white halter-vest and a black leather biker jacket…..and my red heels.

After dinner I mentioned meeting Minty. Tanya told me to keep away from ‘that man’ as he was ‘trouble with a capital T’. Max disagreed; then told me that Minty had been arrested a couple of times for fighting at football matches and he owned a couple of rough pubs in the centre of town that his sons Phil and Grant managed and the local football hooligans met at; plus he also owned a garage that his other son Gary managed.

Minty’s wife Dawn owned a ladies dress shop in a shopping centre a couple of miles away. Oddly enough Tanya liked the wife; who sounded like a snob to me; just like her.

The following morning I lay in bed fiddling with my kitty until long after Max and Tanya left for work; then at roughly the same time as the previous day I wandered to the back door coffee in hand and lit a cigarette before checking my texts. I felt like a smitten schoolgirl as my stomach was in knots and my pulse was racing as I kept glancing at the neighbour’s back door. I eventually smoked two cigarettes but there was no sign of him so I went back into the house and sulked in front of the TV. At about 2pm, I heard a car pull up on Minty’s drive and watched him climb out of a large Range Rover carrying some shopping bags.

I instantly jumped off the sofa and rushed into the kitchen to make another cup of coffee. Still dressed in the t-shirt I’d slept in and deliberately not wearing any underwear I noisily opened the back door and lit a cigarette. Minty’s door was already open but there was no sign of him. As I pressed the keypad on my phone I dropped my lighter and had to turn and bend to pick it up. When I stood back up Minty was standing at the door grinning like a Cheshire Cat; as he’d obviously just had an eyeful of my uncovered private parts up my t-shirt.

Without mentioning what he’d just seen or what he was now openly staring at we chatted about my financial predicament. I mentioned that I’d worked in several pubs in the past but he quickly let me know that he wasn’t looking for new bar staff. Just like the previous day the breeze blew around the bottom of my t-shirt and this time blew it up an inch or two; but Minty never batted an eyelash.

It became a regular occurrence (hardly accidental!) that we shared a coffee most mornings and a couple of lunchtimes over the next week. I would get up at about 11 and go straight to the back door in my t-shirt or short nightdress for my first cigarette of the day. A couple of times when he was working in his back garden or hanging washing out I would accidentally walk around the kitchen only wearing a bra and panties…but still he never said a word about my behaviour or made a move on me. I was getting more attention from my brother in law but he too was shit-scared to make a move. By the Wednesday of the second week I had to buy new batteries for my rabbit.

It was after buying the batteries I decided to put Plan B into action. When I arrived home I saw him working in his back garden, only wearing a pair of baggy grey marl sports shorts and some old trainers. His flabby belly was hanging over his shorts like a muffin but his grey and brown speckled hairy chest and stomach more than compensated. Plus I’d noted his hands were huge; like shovels. The theory is that a girl should look for a guy with big feet; but in my experience the link between big hands and a big cock is much more accurate.

Plan B went into action.

Without letting him see me, I unlocked the back door and ran upstairs to my bedroom and stripped off; then crossed the landing, naked to the bathroom. My plan wasn’t exactly ‘rocket science’ as the bathroom door handle was genuinely wonky and the door really did get a little bit jammed.

I had a nice hot shower and neatly trimmed and shaped my pubes then gave myself a little rub to lubricate my pussy a little more.

I looked out of the open frosted window to see Minty organising some flowers in the far corner of his garden.

Satisfied everything was going to plan I pulled the door tightly closed and opened the window as far as it would go.

“Minty!” I shouted, “Minty!”

He looked around and couldn’t see me, so walked towards the edge of his garden from where he could see both of the back doors. He still looked puzzled when I wasn’t there.

“Up here!” I shouted again. “the bathroom.”

He looked up and couldn’t believe his eyes. I was hanging out of the narrow window with a towel wrapped around my hair but nothing else on. Obviously he couldn’t see my boobs; but it must have been fairly obvious that I was naked.

“The bath room door won’t open!” I explained with a smile on my face; “I’m locked in and need another towel.”

“What can I do?” He grinned.

“Hopefully you can open it for me.” I shouted back, “I think the back door should be open.”

Seconds later I heard the door open and his heavy footsteps thumping up the stairs. The handle slowly turned and with an almighty thump the door sprung open and Minty was standing in the door frame. At first his face was a blank then his eyes feasted on me standing in front of the bath with only a small pink hand towel hardly covering my boobs and puss. Minty tried to stop it but eventually gave in and a huge grin lit up his face.

“Mmmmmm,” he considered the scene before him; “do I get a prize?”

“A prize?” I replied.

“My prize for being your Knight in shining armour.” Minty grinned.

“What have you got in mind?” I chuckled; and before I knew what was happening he had pulled the towel out of my hands and threw it in the corner. I immediately covered my boobs and puss with my hands but Minty pulled them away and stared at my naked body, then forced his lips against mine and forcefully kissed me. A real hard aggressive sexy kiss….all lips tongue and passion. I responded.

Minty hastily began fondling my large titties and pushed his huge hand between my legs; which I spread for him. He was still powerfully kissing me when one of his fingers snaked between my pussy lips and slithered into my hole. My eyes began to bulge as his finger filled my puss fuller than half the cocks that had ever been up there.

Not to be outdone I began stroking his cock through his shorts. I was impressed. It felt massive.

“Fucking Hell! That’s fucking huge!” I panted when I looked down. His cock must have been over 7 inches long and as thick as my wrist.

He pulled his finger out of my puss and pushed me back against the sink then lifted my right leg up until my knee was touching my boob. With bulging eyes and flaring nostrils he kissed me again and began nudging his fat cock against my quim. It battered and pounded but wouldn’t go in until I slid my hand between us and guided the knob past my dangling labia. It took my breath away as the knob and first inch stretched the neck of my pussy. Minty was now breathing very heavily and thrust his hips.

“FUUUCCCCKKKKK!” I gasped and threw my head back as he sank all 7 inches deep inside me. With my leg raised as it was, his cock felt like it was getting buried in my belly. The grey haired man was now fucking me like a devil. His arse was like a steam engine as it pumped his cock into my willing cunt. My hands were behind me gripping onto the sink while the whole room shook with each powerful thrust.

“I’m not on the pill.” I cried as his fucking became more frantic, “pull out….pull that fucker out!”

“Don’t worry about me,” he chuckled as his cock hit my cervix, “my soldiers have fired blanks for years!”

With that he pulled my other leg up until I wrapped them around his flabby hips and flung my arms around his neck. My heart-shaped arse was delicately balanced on the sink. I hadn’t been fucked like this for a long long time…..he was amazing….especially for a man his age!

“Ugh!” Minty eventually grunted, “Ugh…uuugggGGGHHH!” Then he gave one last powerful thrust and made my puss even hotter and wetter as he filled me full of spunk. As the last drop dribbled out of his cock Minty suddenly went limp and nearly dropped me. As we disentangled ourselves Minty was gasping for air and my legs were all wobbly when I put my feet on the tiled floor.

“So you’re not just a prick tease then.” Minty chuckled as he bent double with his hands on his knees sucking in oxygen.

“I am a tease…… but I like prick more!” I laughed as I dabbed toilet roll between my legs to soak up his excess spunk.

We stood giggling like teenagers for a couple of minutes as we regained our senses.

“I need another shower now.” I smiled as I threw another spunk stained tissue into the toilet.”

“I’ll have to love you and leave you,” Minty winked as he looked at his watch, “now that my work here is done!”

He pulled his pants and shorts up and turned to leave, then stopped. He returned to kiss me on the cheek.

“I enjoyed that, ta.” He winked again as his hand stroked my tight arse.

I was so happy I virtually skipped to and from the shops later in the afternoon.

That evening my stomach was turning somersaults again when I opened the utility room door at about 9.15. Minty’s door was already open so I nervously coughed before lighting my cigarette. A minute or so later Minty appeared with a glass of beer in his hand.

“How’s my Maiden in distress tonight?” He smiled and slurped from the glass. “Fine thanks.” I blushed.

“Where’s everyone at?” He asked and nodded his head towards the front of the house.

“Watching a family friendly DVD.” I rolled my eyes and took a long drag on my cigarette.

“The wife has a couple of friends around so I’m banished in here.”

I looked at him with mischief in my eyes as I exhaled a thick plume of smoke.

“Fancy a gobble?” I grinned.

“Here?” He grinned too. I nodded. “Come on then.”

I nearly jumped the 9 feet from door to door. By the time I got there Minty had already dropped his jeans and was tugging at his thick cock. I took over and squeezed and wanked it myself until it began to expand in all directions. Then I knelt in front of him and began licking the shaft and pulling his foreskin back. In a minute my neighbour’s fat cock was in my mouth and my hand was a haze as I frantically rubbed the shaft.

We were both very excited as I sucked his cock while his wife and her friends were in the next room and my own sister could appear at any moment.

He rested against the washing machine and held my shoulder with one hand while the cheeky bugger sipped his beer from the other; at the same time as I was sucking his cock.

I’m a very good cocksucker and have had lots of practice. This time I gave it my all. Sucking, blowing, licking and wanking all at once. Minty didn’t know if he was coming or going….but I only intended for him to be cumming. And cum he did….loads of it quickly filling my mouth and going down my throat. It was quite bland and tasteless but there was lots of it considering he’d filled my puss only 8 hours previously.

As I wiped the excess from my chin with my sleeve his wife called to say one of her friends was leaving so I scuttled back to my sisters house still swallowing my mouthful of sticky cum. I was still giggling as I gargled on a glass of cold orange juice and walked into the living room.

“You look happy with yourself.” My miserable sister frowned.

“Oh; I just had a sexy text from an ex; that’s all.” I lied and shrugged my shoulders.

The next few days were fun as I fucked and sucked my new next door neighbour at every opportunity. It got so racy one morning I stood naked at the back door, waiting for him to make an appearance. His eyes nearly popped out of his bald head when he saw me. There were no formalities he just pushed me into the kitchen and bent me over the table and powerfully rammed his cock into my young cunt. He was on the vinegar strokes before he realised I still had a cigarette between my fingers!

As we lay in bed, later that afternoon after a vigorous bout of doggy style fucking; Minty asked how serious I was about finding a job. I replied that I’d take anything.

“Well,” he grinned as he fingered me, “you know I’ve got two pubs; The Queen Vic and the Eastender on the other side of town?” I nodded. “Well,” he thought for a few seconds, “how would you fancy stripping in them on a Friday and Saturday?”

“Stripping?” I laughed and considered his offer, “how much does it pay?”

“£50 a session…..cash in hand.” He confirmed as his thick finger twisted inside my hole, “three sessions in each pub and there’s sometimes tips from the punters if you put on a good show.”

The thought made me horny again and I fumbled with his cock until it was stiff again and climbed on board. Minty just lay back and thought of England as I slowly bounced up and down on his fat 7 inches while we chatted about what I would do and what the punters would expect. I even managed to make my tits spin a little bit like a stripper I’d seen in a video. I agreed to start on Friday lunchtime.

I told my sister that Minty had offered me a job in one of his pubs at weekends and she was happy to presume that I meant as a barmaid.

Surprise-surprise but the thought of stripping down to nothing but a smile and ‘flashing my gash’ as Minty so delicately put it…..turned me on!

I arrived at the pub at 11.30 as agreed and introduced myself to Minty’s youngest son, Grant who looked exactly like his father must have done 25 years ago. He too had a shaved head, tattoos and a gold earring. He showed me to the small changing room and talked me through what was expected. I should watch the other stripper, Carol do her spot for guidelines, then we would alternate every 30 minutes and the punters would expect a different outfit each time and he insisted that I ‘flashed my gash’ at the end of each set….and it had to be a proper look; no teasing!

A hard faced woman in her 30’s arrived as he turned to walk away and he introduced her as Carol. As we shared a sandwich and a cup of tea from her flask she actually turned out to be very nice.

Her act was exactly as I’d imagined and by the time I was pulling my black stockings on and fastening the clasps of my suspender belt my stomach was spinning like a washing machine. I gulped down the last of a can of lager and gave myself one last look in the cracked mirror. I looked good, plenty of bright red lipstick, a short tartan kilt, black stockings and suspenders, red g-string and matching lacy bra and a tight white blouse…..then I heard Grant announce me….

“Gentlemen!” He shouted over the raucous crowd of factory workers and dole wallahs, “for your next entertainment a young lady who is making her debut at the Queen Vic so I expect you to treat her with respect and some decorum….I give you…..the Glamorous GLORIA!”

I teetered out on my impossibly high heels with as much grace as I could muster; but I quickly realised that my walk was making my boobs jiggle which brought a big cheer from a group of lads sitting next to the small stage. The music immediately kicked in and I began dancing and skipping around the stage making sure that my boobs bounced as much as possible…much to the delight of the lads that had cheered. After a minute or so I stood in the front of the stage and slowly lifted the back of my short tartan kilt lingering over the stocking tops then a quick flash of my tiny red thong and cute bum cheeks.

As the tune speeded up so did I by dancing faster and deliberately shaking my boobs.

“Get yer tits out…..get yer tits out…..get yer tit OUT for the lads!” The crowd chanted as teased with my skirt again. The first few minutes had flown by and I hadn’t taken any clothes off as the second tune started. This had to be rectified so I swiftly unbuttoned my tight white blouse revealing the see thru red lace bra that hardly covered my boobs. I skipped around for a few seconds trying to shake them out of their cups; but by a miracle of engineering they stayed encased. I stopped again and turned away from the audience to unzip my short skirt. I wiggled my hips until it fell to the floor. Still with my back turned away I unclipped my bra and dropped the straps over my arms then cupped my boobs before turning to face them.

“Get yer tits out! Get yer tits out…..get yer tits OUT for the lads!” They chanted again.

With a flourish I whipped the bra off and waved it around my head to much cheering and whistling. I strutted around the stage for a minute or so letting everyone in the room get an eyeful of my large boobs then turned away again; bent over again so they got a good look at my arse then slowly pulled my panties down my legs while trying to keep my thighs closed. Knickers in hand I turned to face the leering men then slowly spread my legs and dropped into the splits! The men roared and cheered as the music stopped and I collected my discarded clothing.

Back in the changing room Carol gave me a big hug and told me I’d done a good job. I quickly pulled my jacket and jogging pants on and disappeared through the fire door for a smoke and another can of lager. I was incredibly horny and very proud of myself as images of my act whistled through my mind. Just as I flicked my cigarette butt across some waste ground the managers Ratfink sidekick, Billy appeared to tell me that I was back on stage in 10 minutes.

He left the door open and pretended to move some boxes as I prepared for my second appearance. Billy was only small but looked a bit menacing so I didn’t say anything as he watched me get undressed and then dressed again in sexy black panties and a black bra.

One of the things that Minty had suggested was rubbing baby oil into my tits as this always got a good reaction from his customers. There were still a few faces in the crowd from my first spot but I realised that they basically changed every hour as people came and went from work. I spotted 4 or 5 guys nudge each other as I placed the bottle next to a chair on the stage as I prepared for my second routine.

When the music kicked in I began strutting around the stage, bending over to touch my toes and rubbing my legs and boobs. When I touched my toes I would slowly slide my fingers up my legs and linger on my pussy which was only being covered by a tiny piece of string. The crowd soon began whistling and shouting for me to ‘get my tits out’ again. I obliged of course then sat sexily on the wooden chair and began pouring white baby cream onto my boobs; then saucily rubbed it in making them all greasy and shiny. I did this for a couple of minutes; pretending that it was turning me on then stood up and marched towards an old man in wire framed glasses sitting near the front. Much to his delight I swung my boobs a couple of inches from his face then sexily poured a copious amount of cream onto my chest and let it run down the crevice. His grin could have lit up London when I called him closer by curling my manicured finger. He stood up and leant forward. I grabbed the back of his head and jerked him forward….squashing his face between my greasy tits; then used them to slap him silly. I soon jumped back and away leaving him dumbfounded and unable to see.

When the crowd roared their approval I whipped my panties off dropped down onto the stage and spun around on my arse; legs apart and ‘flashed my gash’ again as instructed!

The bar was very crowded for my third spot and my act was very well received again. As I made my way back into the changing room Billy stopped me by grabbing my arm. He took a long leering look at my sweaty tits before telling me; “A couple of lads want to know if you do ‘extras’?”

“What do you mean – ‘extras’?” I asked as I pulled my arm away from his grip.

“Hasn’t anyone told you?” He smirked, “Most of the girls will give the lads a wank or a blow job if the price is right.”

The pound signs flashed before my eyes.

“What’s the right price?” “Usually £20 for a wank, £30 a bj and £50 a fuck.” He grinned, “I get a tenner a punter for setting it up.”

I considered his request for nearly 10 seconds.

“Who wants to know?”

“There are three.” Billy leered at my tits again and licked his lips, “two lads from the buildings and the old guy with glasses.”

“Where do we …..do it?” I asked, now holding my clothes by my side so he could get a good look at my naked body.

“In there.” He nodded towards the empty room now Carol had left to collect her kids from school.

“Will…” I hesitated for a moment, “they all be there together?”

“No; I’ll look after the door and let them in one at a time.” Billy told me as he rubbed his bulging trousers.

“Okay then,” I smiled, “Send the first one in.”

“Hoi! Bollockface!” Billy shouted across the corridor as I entered the cramped room.

The man in glasses that I’d covered in baby oil shuffled into the room. Billy held his hand out and took a £20 note off him and waved it at me.

“He wants a wank.” The barman grinned and leant against the door frame to watch me in action.

The man was already unbuckling his belt when I looked up from the chair. At least it stopped me making small talk. He’d obviously done this before and dropped his trousers and pulled his shirt and pullover up to reveal a hard lily white cock poking out from a mass of brown pubic hair.

“Okay then, big boy…let’s get the show on the road.” I laughed and smiled as I wrapped my fingers around his thin shaft. After watching Carol and myself gyrating around in front of him for the last two hours I guessed he wouldn’t last long….I was correct. I gave it a good hard rub against my sweaty and greasy tits and in under a minute he began breathing heavily and a big splodge of creamy spunk oozed out into the crevice. It was the easiest £20 I’d ever earned; well, £10 after Billy took his Tax.

The old man politely thanked me as he pulled his pants off and shuffled away nicely satisfied as I wiped the cum off my chest. The next punter was a chubby guy in his late 30’s with tousled ginger hair and a scruffy beard wearing dirty jeans and big boots. Billy waved 3 £10 notes and mimed a blow job to me.

The guy stood in front of me and looked over to Billy for guidance.

“Take your pants down!” Billy laughed.

The man was nervous so I did the honours, sliding his jeans and grey pants down to his knees. He automatically lifted his t-shirt and pressed his groin towards me. His pubes were nicely trimmed and his cock looked freshly shaved. I slowly caressed it and rubbed it over my tits for a minute or so making him moan. The man cupped his balls as I began kissing the tip which was still hiding in the foreskin. A couple of good hard tugs and a sloppy kiss on the end soon had it stiffening. I flashed a quick look at Billy as I began sucking the man’s cock. Billy was smirking at me again and rubbing his own cock through his jeans.

Having him watch me sucking a stranger’s cock for money was proving a very good aphrodisiac…..my nipples were tingling and I could feel my pussy lips puffing up. The man soon grabbed the back of my head and began thrusting his cock into my mouth as I sucked and slurped while stroking his hairy arse.

“Get on with it!” Billy cackled, “I’ve got a fucking queue building up here.” The thought of an actual queue of horny guys made me giggle as I sucked the man’s cock. I then wrapped my fingers around the shaft and grabbed his balls then began furiously sucking and wanking him as he squeezed my sensitive tits.

“Huh…huh…huh.” The man panted and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I knew what he wanted and closed my eyes just in time as spurt after spurt of warm cum splashed on my face. As soon as he squeezed the last drop out he swiftly pulled his jeans up and rushed embarrassedly out of the small changing room.

Billy took £30 off the next punter who was dressed similarly to the last guy. He was more confident than the other two and unbuckled his belt as he walked towards me.

“I think I’ll get my moneys worth; so I’ll let you do all of the work. Pull my jeans down.” He told me in a Scottish accent.

Knowing that money was at stake I did as I was told. His cock nicely filled out his tight white boxers.

“Okay sweetie….lets get done.” He chuckled as he pulled his cock out of his pants. I was quite impressed as it must have been a good six inches long and nicely thick. His dusty hands were immediately all over my tits as I greedily sucked his cock. It tasted luscious….very sweet and sweaty. I was now so incredibly horny I was nearly deep throating him in my haste to get a mouthful of spunk.

The man began twisting my nipples and shaking my tits as he told me how sexy I was and how dirty I looked on stage. My fingers were stretched and gliding up and down the shaft like a flute player as his bell end hit my tonsils.

“Yer dirty little cunt!” The man grunted as he tugged on both nipples at the same time, “have ittttttttt!” Then he filled my mouth with spurt after spurt of salty spunk. I was shaking with excitement when he withdrew and squeezed a few drops onto my chin. “Fuck! You were good.” He panted as he tucked his cock back into his pants. “Are you here next week?”

“I think so.” I panted as I wiped my face and tits with a t-shirt.

“See you then.” He grinned as he stroked my tits one last time.

Billy came over and gave me my £50 but made no effort to touch me; which surprised me as I was ready for a fuck. I got dressed again and went into the bar to collect my other wages from Grant and have a drink. He told me that I’d done an excellent job for my first time and had told his Dad so on the phone. Minty had already arranged for me to work at the other pub the following day.

I rushed home to see if Minty was around for a good hard fuck; but he wasn’t. To help pay my rent I spent the evening babysitting while Max and Tanya went out for dinner. I went to the back door a couple of times for a smoke but didn’t get to see Minty; so contented myself by masturbating for nearly an hour when the kid went to bed.

The pub on the Saturday was packed as it was matchday and even Minty turned up but didn’t actually speak to me. A few of the punters looked like football hooligans in their Stone Island and Lacoste jackets and baseball caps.

A mixed race girl with big tits called Libby went on first and did my thing with some baby oil which excited a load of young lads near the front.

I went on stage in my red undies and black stockings which got a big cheer because they are the colours of the local football team. My biggest cheer came when I made my tits rotate in different directions. The pub got even fuller in the next hour and the atmosphere was electric when I took to the stage dressed as a schoolgirl in my tartan kilt.

Everything went as planned until I swung my bra over my head. As the crowd cheered and whistled my guess that the pub was full of hooligans was confirmed when some rival fans tried to get into the pub and a fight broke out at the main door with Minty barking orders from the back. The DJ just shouted for me to carry on; but I couldn’t get my knickers off quick enough (not for the first time in my life) and get off the stage! The police quickly arrived and calmed everything down as I lay on my stomach arse in the air, legs apart and pulling my cheeks apart so everyone could see my pulsating pussy.

As most of Saturday’s crowd were going to the football match I only had one guy to service and he was happy with a wank but I got to keep the whole £20 and when I asked Phil what his share was he got angry at the thought of Billy ripping me off the previous day. When I got dressed I had a drink with Phil and a couple of his friends who all laughed when I mentioned the fight at the door. Apparently this was a common occurrence between the two sets of fans and a meeting had been arranged for after the match to settle an old score.

With a handful of cash I rang a friend to arrange a night on the town to get merrily pissed and pissed we got!

I carried on fucking or sucking Minty most days over the next couple of weeks and stripping and ‘doing extras’ in his pubs. He told me that he had arranged for his lads to offer ‘extras’ to the punters but Billy had ‘got a slap’ for taking a share of the money.