Cindy Loosens Up

My wife and I met in high school. I was a football stud and a party animal. She was an honors student and painfully shy. I actually approached her because I felt sorry for her at some party that her friends had dragged her to. She just stood in a corner and looking down at the floor. I walked up and started a conversation. It did not take long to realize how beautiful and sweet she was. I gave up my hound dog ways and decided that I had found what I had been searching for all along.

Our relationship was very innocent at first. She was completely inexperienced so I was gentle and patient with her. She did not have a clue as to her beauty. The first time I saw her without her clothes it took my breath away. She is blonde and petite with a very tight body. Her breasts were the perfect fit for my hands. They are quite firm and so responsive that her nipples get hard from just a kiss on her lips. Her blue eyes are so deep that they seem to engulf me. Six years later I still cannot get enough of kissing her.

Like I said she was shy. She had only been kissed once before me. I, on the other hand, had spread my oats both far and wide. It took a month before I made it inside her bra, three months before she would touch my dick with her hand, and three weeks after that before I touched her perfect pussy.

We did not have sex until we were married.

Two years after our first date!

I had an unbelievable set of blue balls. I just have to say thank god for porn! On our wedding night we had the clumsiest sex of my life. I did not come and she bled all over our wedding bed. Not one for the memory book.

As time went on we got better. After several months of missionary I introduced a new position, she was hesitant at first but soon learned to enjoy being on top. Getting her to blow me was a chore. She never let me cum in her mouth.

Good thing I loved her so much. In every other way she was perfect. She was a wonderful cook and fastidiously clean. She loved the same movies I did. Laughed at my jokes. And loved me completely. I never even contemplated cheating on her. But I did buy more porn.

I became somewhat of a regular at the local adult video store. I even befriended one of the clerks. He was a large black guy name of Roscoe. He was far more articulate and educated then I would have expected for a guy working in that business. He was an easy guy to talk to and I often found myself laughing out loud at the stories he told of some of the odder patrons. He also titillated me with stories of some of the women that occasionally showed up.

“They are the ones with the nasty streak. They look embarrassed and self conscious looking through the merchandise, but once they pick something and place it on the counter they are all worked up and aching to take it home and put it through its paces.”

One day, after being married for a little over a year, I came home from work and immediately felt that there was a chill in the air. Cindy said nothing but her irritation was apparent. I asked if anything was wrong and she said no. That no was, of course, a yes. It took two days for her to finally tell me what was bothering her. And even then she had to just show me.

After I asked her once again why she was so distant she stood up and walked into our bedroom. She opened my closet and reached into a box that I keep in the back. She pulled it out and asked what I was doing with all this. It was of course my porn collection. I could see she was upset and I wanted to make her feel better. But at that moment my mind could not come up with a reasonable response. She cried and said how she must not be enough for me and how she did not know that I was a pervert. I tried to defend myself, but everything I said sounded self-serving and juvenile.

Finally I got frustrated and just blurted out that there were things that I needed that she just did not give to me. I told her she was lucky it was just magazines and movies and not some real person that was helping me meet my needs. At that she stopped crying and looked at me hard.

“You might as well have!” She said and then walked to the bathroom and slammed the door.

It took a while but we managed to come to a compromise. I only watched, or read porn, when she was having her period or feeling under the weather. This seemed to make things a little less strained between us. I knew that she still would rather it was no longer in the house. But she knew that that was just not going to happen.

Then one day I was called out of town for a marketing conference. We had our usual obligatory fuck the night before and then I left for a three- day long nightmare of glad handing and networking.

I arrived back in town on a Friday night. Cindy was standing at the terminal gate and she looked amazing. She had her blonde hair down and spilling over her shoulders. She had on a very short dress and that did all it could to accentuate every curve of her delicious body. When our lips met her mouth devoured mine. When the kiss ended I was literally breathless.

“Nice to see you too!” I gasped.

“Let’s get home. I have really missed you!”

The sex that night was amazing. Cindy fucked me up one side and down the other. She even insisted I come in her mouth, which she then swallowed! When I asked her what had got into her she just said how much she missed me.

Now most guys would be ecstatic. But I was worried. This change was a complete departure from the Cindy that I knew and it bothered me for several days. What had happened in my absence? Who or what had turned my wife into a hungry sex goddess?

A few days later I got my answer. While Cindy was at the gym one day I did a little tidying up in the closet when I noticed that the box that I kept my porn in was moved. I investigated and found much of the tapes and magazines had been rearranged. I had no idea what to do with this knowledge. I knew confronting her was a mistake. So I chose to keep silent.

Our sex life remained in a somewhat heightened state and I noticed that Cindy was raiding my adult materials several times a week. It occurred to me that maybe I could interest Cindy in different types of sex by stocking the box with those types of materials. I went to the local adult bookstore and purchased tapes on anal sex, group sex, and swinging. I had no real desire to share Cindy but it turned me on to fantasize about those possibilities.

As the weeks went on I often checked the box and tried to determine which tapes Cindy might have watched. I never used what was in the box to gratify my needs since I was constantly turned on by the prospect of what Cindy was watching. It literally became “Cindy’s little box of porn”.

Cindy never talked to me about the movies in the box but she was more haphazard in the way she put them away. The box was often moved or the lid open. It seemed she could care less that I knew. Yet I still felt that she did not want to discuss this fact with me.

On one trip to the adult store I purchased several dildos. This was a major step, as I knew that she would know they were specifically for her. When I next checked two days later I found that she had opened every one of the packaged dildos. I masturbated three times that afternoon and later in bed Cindy fucked me raw.

This went on for several months then something shocking happened. I was stocking the box with a few new videos when I noticed a package that I had not seen before. I looked more carefully and saw that it contained a very large realistic looking black dildo. I sat with my jaw on the floor for several minutes and then looked a little deeper in the box. I found a number of videos that seemed unfamiliar to me. They all featured large black guys and white women. This was a completely unexpected wrinkle in our little arrangement.

I was intrigued imagining my very private wife working up the courage to buy those toys. It was so out of character for her. I could not imagine how she had worked up the courage to even enter the store. Much less make the purchases that she had made. It excited me and frightened me just a little. Two weeks later I was no longer frightened I was panicked.

Two weeks later was when I found three tokens that were used to watch adult videos in the back of the store. They were mixed with the change in Cindy’s coin purse. My hand was literally shaking as I imagined my wife sitting in one of those filthy booths watching people fuck.

Later when I sat across from my wife at dinner as she talked about an idea that she got from a decorating show I could not keep my mind from imagining her expression as she sat in the little booth feeding coins into the slot and making her selection. What had compelled her to venture back there?

Cindy tried to get me hard that night. She worked me with her mouth for over half and hour but I just could not relax. I felt like I was in bed with a stranger. I began to wonder just what else I did not know about my wife. The thoughts would not leave my head.

I sat in my office at work for exactly twenty minutes. Then I jumped up and stormed out. I knew where I had to go and whom I had to talk to.

Roscoe was leaning over the counter reading the personals. He smiled when he saw me. “Hey man how you doing?”

I tried to be casual. I talked about the recent football game, the weather, and just any damn thing that I could think of before I finally got to the question of the day.

“Hey Roscoe, You ever have any ladies that go in the back? You know to watch the videos?”

Roscoe smiled a nasty little smile. “Not very damn often. That is an area that is usually just the domain of men, especially men looking for other men. Occasionally you get a husband who can talk his spouse into giving it a whirl but that is just about it.”

I was confused, did this mean that Cindy had not been back there?

“However there is this one bitch.” I looked up at Roscoe. My eyes went wide and my mouth completely dried up. “Man she is one fine looking piece of ass. But she has got a nasty side that just won’t quit.”

“Wha..What do you mean?”

“Well she started coming in here about two months ago. She looked scared, and a little disgusted I might add. She walked around, hands shoved into her jacket pockets, like she did not want to get anything on her. Like she was touring a garbage dump or something like it. She spent maybe ten minutes and then headed for the door. She did not reappear for two weeks. This time she looked pissed, and if I am not mistaken, a little horny. This time she brings up an armload of videos and toys. She was literally panting as I rang up her purchase. After that she came back at least once a week. Sometimes more. Every time she came in she looked more relaxed and excited. A couple of those times I caught her peaking into the backroom”

“Then two weeks ago she came in again. She looked different. I had always thought she was fine but this time she was dressed in a tight little black skirt with a white t-shirt, no bra. She looked fucking edible! She walks up to the counter puts down ten dollars and asks for tokens. She was smiling and her eyes looked wild. I gave her the tokens and she went right back through the doors. Just like she owned the joint.”

I could feel my hearting beating in my chest. “What happened then?”

Roscoe looked over my shoulder and smiled. “The same thing that’s going to happen right now would be my guess.” I turned my head to where he was looking and saw my wife entering the store. I quickly stepped back behind the video shelves and held my breath.

The bell over the door dinged as she stepped in and walked directly to the counter. I could see a little of her between the shelves as she reached into her purse and put a ten on the counter. Roscoe gave her the tokens and she put them into the pocket of her leather coat. “Thanks Roscoe, been busy here?”

“Not very. Only a couple of patrons in the back.”

“Hmmm maybe I will have to ask for another favor from you.”

“That could be arranged. My replacement will be here in half an hour.”

She smiled at Roscoe. “Well if you see any likely candidates send them back.”

With that she went through the swinging doors.

I stepped out from behind the stacks and in a daze walked toward the counter. “Hey you need to see this.” Roscoe said while pointing to the monitor attached to the wall behind the counter. I watched as Cindy walked directly to a viewing room and closed the door. The doors on either side of her room were closed meaning that there was somebody inside each one.

I stood staring at the screen. My beautiful young wife was inside that little room watching porn! In an adult bookstore! And she has obviously done this before. I stood transfixed for God knows how long when suddenly one of the doors opened. Out stepped an overweight, middle-aged man, still zipping up his pants. He hurried through the doorway to the bookstore, shot a sheepish look at Roscoe, and left the building.

“Hurry” said Roscoe. “There is an empty booth now.” I stood there completely shocked, unable to gather my wits. “Go on man. You won’t be sorry” With that Roscoe put a large hand on my back and gently pushed me toward the swinging doors. I stumbled through and stiffly walked toward the open door. Once there I entered and closed the door behind me.

The booth was dimly lit with barely enough room to stand and a little wooden seat attached to the wall facing a small monitor in the corner. I could hear the moaning through the walls from the other booths. I fumbled for some change and quickly fed it into the slot on the monitor. The screen lit up and showed a surgically enhanced woman on her knees sucking off two men at once.

With the illumination from the screen I could see that there was a hole in the wall connecting to the booth that Cindy was occupying. Through the hole I could hear the wet sounds coming from her monitor. I leaned closer to the hole and with one hand tried to synchronize my station to match the one she was watching. I was overcome with curiosity at what she was watching. I went through the stations twice and could not find one that matched the sounds emanating from her side. I leaned closer and put my eye to the hole. It was very dark and I could not make anything out at first. As I grew more accustomed to the lack of light I could just make out what I realized was my wife’s back. I soon realized that she was rocking back and forth and that her movements coincided with the wet slurping sounds that I had heard earlier. Suddenly I realized what I was seeing. My wife. My, young, beautiful wife was sucking the cock of a complete stranger through a glory hole in a porno bookstore! I could hear the sounds of her lips as they slid back and forth along the stranger’s shaft. I could also make out her soft mewing sounds that could only be construed as immense pleasure.

I sat back in my booth and felt my heart almost beat through my chest. I could not believe what I had just heard and seen. Cindy was not the woman that I had married. This Cindy was a complete slut! And unbelievably that thought caused my cock to expand against the confines of my zipper. It was at this moment of realization that I heard a new sound. This sound I understood completely. It was the sound of a man in the moment of climax. I ducked back down and looked through the hole. I watched as my wife pressed her face against the hole and heard the sound of her throat working as she swallowed the load of the man in the other booth. Suddenly her head came back and she lifted her face to the ceiling as she let his load drain down her throat. As she lowered her face I saw that it glistened with sweat and seemed possessed of a sexual energy that I had never seen before. Cindy looked radiant. I was transfixed. And then she turned her gaze to me.

I sat back in shock and felt my heart catch in my chest. I dared not breathe as I heard her adjusting her position. Just then a hand appeared through the hole. And on that hand I recognized the wedding ring that we had picked out together. Her hand reached for my leg and worked its way to my crotch, rubbing it gently but firmly.

“Please.” Came a voice that I recognized all too well. “Please let me suck it.” Her voice was pleading and, oh so, naughty. “I promise you will like it.” With that Cindy’s hand tried to work the zipper of my pants down.

I brushed her hand away and almost without thinking slid my zipper down and released my aching prick. Immediately Cindy’s slim hand grasped my dick and I heard her moan at the contact.

“Please” I heard her say. “Please let me have it.”

Then Cindy gently pulled me toward the hole in the wall. First her hand disappeared followed by my manhood. Almost immediately I felt a warm wet sensation envelope my erection. I was pulled tightly to the wall as Cindy’s amazing suction made my cock her willing prisoner. As she slid her hot mouth up and down my dick I felt my legs begin to shake and realized that I would not be able to hold out long.

Cindy sucked my cock with such voraciousness that I found it hard to believe that it was the same woman I had begged to just kiss the tip.

Soon my back arched and I could feel the cum being drawn from my body and straight down Cindy’s hungry throat. She moaned around my dick as she felt the first spurts hitting the back of her throat. Cindy held my erection deep in her mouth until she had completely sucked me dry. With a wet pop Cindy released my manhood and I stumbled back into the opposite wall of the booth.

“Thanks stranger”. I heard Cindy say, followed up by her familiar girlish giggle.

As I buckled my pants I tried to think of some way to confront Cindy. I was not so much angry as I was shocked. I could hardly be indignant when I had offered her my penis in an adult bookstore. But I felt I should say something, but what? And how?

There is a saying that “He who hesitates is lost” and so it was for me. As I stood there trying to gather my thoughts I heard a knocking on the door. I thought that it was my door, but quickly realized that it was the door to Cindy’s booth. I heard her open the door followed by a high-pitched squeal.

“Roscoe! I was hoping you would show up soon.” This was followed by the sounds of the rustling of clothing and moans. I dropped to my knees and tried to see what was happening. At first I could not see a thing, and then I saw Cindy’s legs. I saw her legs spread apart and then saw a black hand push her panties to her knees and move back up out of sight. I then heard Cindy’s muffled moan and knew that he was kissing her as he felt her up. This went on for several minutes until I saw his legs move back and saw Cindy’s hands reach for his zipper.

She expertly unzipped his pants and then reached in and hauled out a cock of unbelievable proportions! I have watch more then my share of porn but this thing was ungodly big. She wrapped her hands around it and began stroking it up and down. Her hands looked childlike compared to his ebony weapon. Then Cindy dropped to her knees and for the first time I could see her face. The look on her face could only be described as hungry. She looked up and licked her lips seductively. Then she slid her lips over the head of the monster and began stroking it back and forth. Her lips stretched obscenely as she worked them past the head. As she withdrew the massive member glistened with her saliva.

Soon I could hear Roscoe’s breathing speed and saw his hips flex forward. Even though Cindy had only managed to cram about an eighth of his manhood into her mouth, her amazing suction and constant hand strokes had brought him to the brink of climax. I heard Roscoe gasp and saw him grab the back of Cindy’s head as his hips bucked and shuddered through an incredible orgasm. Cindy held on for dear life and, to her credit, never lost her seal on the tip of his cock. I watched as Cindy’s throat worked furiously to swallow what must have been a monster load of sperm.

When Roscoe finally stopped shuddering I watched as Cindy released her lip-lock on his organ and wipe the back of her hand across her mouth. Looking up Cindy smiled and asked him if that had felt good. His answer was to laugh and pull her to her feet, which was followed by the sounds of sloppy kisses and Cindy’s giggling.

“When are you going to let me fuck that hot pussy of yours?” Roscoe asked.

“Maybe someday” Was Cindy’s reply. And with that I watched as she pulled up her panties and left the booth. I listened until I heard her footsteps disappear into the distance. I then opened my door and walked toward the front of the store. I got there just in time to see Cindy pulling out into traffic and speeding away. From behind me I felt Roscoe as he walked up to me.

“I told you she was a nasty one.” He said. “The only man in this world I am jealous of is the one that gets to share his bed with her and fuck that amazing body.”

“Yeah.” I said. “He is one lucky son of a bitch.”