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Preggers and Very Horny

Wanda waddled into the kitchen with a tray full of dirty dishes while thinking about how tired she was all the time now, and she still had two months to go before she was due! She felt like a fat cow, after gaining thirty pounds during this her first pregnancy, and while she was usually a svelte 125 pounds, her tits had turned into mini Goodyear blimps, and her belly looked like she was stealing a water melon from a fruit stand while hiding it under her dress! No wonder Dave had seemed to lose interest in sex. When she looked into the mirror she appeared to be anything but desirable, and to top it all off, her nipples had begun to leak milk, leaving her dresses and blouses stained and wet.

God she would be glad when all of this was over!

A light shiver ran through her when she looked out the kitchen window at the foot deep snow that spread across her back yard, looking for the world like a perfect white carpet. As she gazed at the wintery scene, her mind floated back to her childhood, of sledding, throwing snowballs, and building snow forts until her reminiscing was abruptly terminated with the loud ringing of the front door chimes. Dressed in only her house dress, Wanda would have normally put on a house coat to cover her self consciousness, but for once she just forgot about it and went directly to the door and opened it. Standing on the snowy front porch was a young Express Parcel delivery man, holding a package and his clip board. “Package for a Wanda Perkins,” he said, while shivering in the cold January air. “I’m Wanda Perkins, please step inside and get out of that cold for a few minutes!” “Thanks ma’am,” he replied, “it’s really a bear out there to day,” as he stepped into her living room. She signed for the package and asked him if he would like a cup of coffee to warm up. “Thanks a lot, I could sure use one, the heater in the truck isn’t working to well,” he replied! “Come on into the kitchen and sit down for a few minutes and warm up,” she offered. “Black or cream and sugar,” she asked, as she poured a couple of fresh cups. “Black will be fine, thanks,” he answered, taking in a deep whiff of the fresh brew, while also taking in a view of Wanda’s huge chest. He couldn’t help but notice the two wet spots on the front of her dress, at the same spot where her big nipples poked through the thin material, and almost instantly he felt his dick begin to stiffen as he watched the big jugs jiggle freely from side to side.