At The Movies

Joe will be here any minute. I’m really glad he enjoyed our first date as much as I did and asked me out again. It’s been a week and I haven’t been able to think about anything else but him. He’s so fucking hot!!! We have great chemistry and I could tell he was just as attracted to me as I was to him. I’ve really been looking forward to this.

He’ll be here at 7 and it’s 5:30 already. Grab a quick shower, shave, trim my pussy. Lotion, perfume, hair is done. What to wear? Warm enough now to avoid slacks and a sweater. Let’s see……oh yeah, this will be perfect. Cute halter sun dress. Picked this up last spring and haven’t had the occasion to wear it. No panties tonight dear, definite easy access. Thigh highs and my platforms. Perfect.

Almost 7. I’m in the kitchen, getting the wine glasses out of the cupboard when the doorbell rings. Early. That’s a good sign. I open the door and invite him in. He’s smiling, checking me out, tells me I look great. You don’ look so bad yourself in those tight jeans baby. Tell him to grab a seat, that I’ll be right back. Grab the glasses and the wine, we have time for a quick sip. I pour and sit across from him, making sure I show plenty of leg. Small talk and one glass of wine. Time to go.

More small talk on the way to the theater. No munchies for me, just a small drink. He takes my hand and we head into the theater. Once inside the door, it’s my plan to lead him to the back corner, bench seats and we can be alone. Apparently, he had the same idea, no need for me to lead, he’s guiding me there! We’re seated just as the lights go down.

The previews start and I place my hand on his thigh and give a squeeze. I hear him gasp and I smile at him. He places my arm around my shoulder and I lean in against him. I continue to stroke and periodically squeeze his thigh. He caresses my bare shoulder and I can feel my nipples stiffen. The volume is loud and we’re practically alone in our little corner. I move my hand from his thigh to his crotch. He’s already getting hard. I lightly caress the fabric of his jeans and I can hear his breathing getting heavier. His hand has moved to my breast, cupping and squeezing, kneading. Feels so good. I feel his hand move to the knot in the halter, working it free. The top of my dress falls loose, giving him access to my naked breast. His hand moves to my stiff nipple, lightly caressing it with his finger. I can feel my clit begin to throb.

I move my hand from his crotch to the buttons on his jeans, taking my time while opening each one. He tries to help by raising his ass a bit off the seat. Ahhhh free at last. He must’ve had the same idea for tonight, no underwear. I free his throbbing cock, lightly stroking the underside with my nails. His fingers are now furiously working at my nipple, pinching and flicking against it, each move causing my pussy to drip. His cock is rock hard now under my touch. MMMMM shaved.

I take his hand reluctantly from my breast and move to kneel on the seat next to him. I look at him and lick my lips, I can see the anticipation on his face. I take his stiff cock in my hand and guide the tip into my mouth, flicking the head with my tongue, grazing it lightly with my teeth. I can taste his precum already, very sweet. I make slow lazy circles with my tongue around the head, wetting his cock for my lips. I slowly take him in my mouth, inch by inch, moving back to the head before taking in more the next stroke. My hand moves to his balls, swollen with his excitement. While I suck and lick, I knead his balls. He’s squirming now. His hand has moved from my back to the hem of my dress, pulling it up far enough for his hand to find my bare ass underneath. He caresses my ass and moves his hand to my thigh, running his fingers along the hem of the thigh highs I’m wearing.

As I begin to furiously work his cock with my tongue, his fingers find the lips of my dripping wet pussy. I move my knees apart and give him access, his fingers teasing my cunt, massaging my G spot. I begin to hump his hand. He’s had enough, he uses his other hand to remove me from his cock and lays me across his lap. He then removes his fingers from my pussy and grabs me, taking me into his arms and kisses me hard, our tongues dancing together perfectly, increasing the sexual tension. He moves from my lips to my neck, trailing his tongue to my breast and my nipples, taking each one in his mouth, unmercifully teasing and nibbling. My dress is completely around my waist now, he grabs my ass and squeezes while he plays with my tits. I can feel his stiff cock against my belly and I want it inside me. Now I say, please, now.

Giving my nipple one last nip, he pushes me away and lifts me to his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him hard, biting his lip. He grabs my ass and lifts me a bit to rub his cock against my lips, stroking and caressing them. I’m kneeling over him now, my breasts in his face, his lips trailing over my chest. I feel him move his cock to my cunt, placing the tip inside, making slight circles. I can’t take anymore and sit down hard, taking his cock all the way in. I gasp, then moan, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. I begin to slowly raise my ass up and come down hard again, grinding against his lap. His quickening breath and gutteral moaning tells me how much he’s enjoying this. I remove my arms from his neck and place them on his shoulders for leverage as I begin to ride. Rocking, circling, pounding against his crotch. His hands are on my ass, squeezing and lifting me slightly, increasing my arc as his cock fills my cunt.

I can feel my pussy start to contract, getting close. I’m teasing him, pounding against him then grinding, rolling my hips slowly, then increasing my rhythm. My breathing is ragged now, knowing we’re going to explode at any moment. I work my hips back and forth, banging against him, his cock hitting the back of my pussy. Oh yes, you ready baby? I can hear him moan, low and gutteral. Banging, pounding. Oh yes, I’m ready and I can feel myself tense as my pussy goes into contaction after contraction. The orgasms come quickly, one after the other. My arms around his neck again, pulling him in tightly as I cum. C’mon baby, your turn. Staring into his eyes, I continue to rock and ride his cock. I can hear him catch his breath and then feel him explode inside me, hot semen running down my thighs.

Oh my God, he’s still hard. I look at him and he’s smiling widely. Round two? Hell yeah I tell him, laughing. He stands, lifting me with him, his cock still inside me. I wrap my legs around him and kiss him softly. He responds by parting my lips with his tongue. He tastes so good. He lifts me off him and sets me on the seat, telling me to get on my knees. I comply, slyly looking back at him as I position myself on the seat, ass in the air. He kneels behind me and strokes the crack of my ass with his cock as he presses in against me, his hands on my hips. He takes his cock in his hand and begins to caress my pussy lips, teasing my cunt with the tip. I lean back to take him in and he withdraws, not allowing it. I feel his lips on my back, trailing down to my ass. His hands leave my hips and move to my thighs. I can feel his tongue against my ass. He spreads my ass slightly and licks his way to my pussy, his tongue darting inside me. I lean into his face, wiggling against his lips. He trails his tongue down to my swollen clit, teasing me with the tip, then wiggling it broadly across it, working the hood apart, exposing me. Sucking and pulling on my clit, working it furiously as I cum again, incapable of any thought other than feeling my body explode under his touch.

He moves away, takes hold of my hips and plunges his cock deep inside me. I gasp, not expecting it so soon. He presses hard against me, filling me with his cock. He slowly begins to stroke, rocking me, guiding me against him by his hold on my hips. He moves his hands to my shoulders, guiding them back toward him, increasing the arch in my back and begins to bang me. I can feel the tip of his cock hitting the wall of my cunt. Bang, bang, bang, stroke after stroke, deep and hard. My hands are now braced against the back of the seats for support as he assaults my pussy again and again. He increases his rhythm, short quick strokes now, rocking me and causing my tits to sway. I can feel our mingled juices running down my legs. He moves his hand to my mound, applying pressure to bring me closer to him as he strokes me from behind, fingering my clit, teasing. I cum again, hard, my pussy contracting around his cock.

He changes his rhythm again, slower now, long deep strokes, working my pussy like clay. He’s rolling his hips, then grinding against me. I lean in, pressing my ass against him. He tells me I’m ready baby, I lean down, lowering my chest to the seat, raising my ass a little higher. I feel his hands on my hips again and he begins to pound his cock into me, filling me up. I can feel him tense just as he cums. I can feel his body stiffen as he grinds against me, pulling me to him. He cums again, shooting the rest of his load inside me.

He lays against my back moving his arms under mine, both of us spent and out of breath. He kisses my neck, my back. His hands clasping mine.