Wifes Darker and Better Side

“Jeanette really is a stunning woman”, I think to myself as I drop her off at Marie’s place. I’m working late tonight and Jeanette asked me if it would be OK if she and her friend, Marie, went to the Black Stallion club for a few drinks while I worked. Marie’s husband, Jacques, would drive them to the club and I would pick them up again after I had finished at the office at 11 pm . “Till later, Luv!” She leans over from the passenger seat and gives me a peck on the lips. “Love you!

I give her a hug. “Enjoy it! And remember – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“Come now! You now me better than that!” she smirks as she walks up the path that led to Marie’s front door. My eyes involuntarily drop to the swing of those perfect hips. For a moment I wonder if her skirt is not a bit too short. Then I look at how it shows off those long legs and decides that it is just perfect! I realize once again how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife and drive off to work.

At the office, I start up my computer and start working. There is a lot to do and I would like to be finished before 11.

After 9:00 I get up and walk into my secretary’s office to look for a file. I look everywhere but simply cannot find it. Then I remember. Peter, my partner, took it home with him to study.

“Damn!” I think to myself. “Now I might as well go home.” There is no way that I can continue my work without that file and driving over to Peter’s at this hour would be out of the question.

Well, maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems. Too bad for Marie, but I’m going to fetch that beautiful wife of mine en take her home. The night is still young and, who knows…? The way she looks tonight… Marie will just have to understand!

I switch off my computer; lock up the office en drive to the club. I park my car in front of the Black Stallion and enter. The music is loud and the stench of cigarette smoke hangs heavily in the air. There are not many people here tonight, probably because it is a week night. I’m relieved, because this means that I should not have a problem finding the girls.

I look everywhere, but cannot find them. “Strange”, I think to myself. “Where on earth could they be? Surely they couldn’t have gone home already…”

Just as I am about to leave and drive to Marie’s place, I hear that delightful laugh! I turn around, look past a huge pot plant and sure enough, there behind a trellis with an artificial vine is a table with four chairs that I’ve missed. And there in the low light is the unmistakable blonde head of the love of my life! I sneak up to surprise them.

“What the hell..? They’re not alone…!” I feel the green monster of jealousy rearing its ugly head as I stare at the two men that are with the women. The guy next to Marie whispers something in her ear while putting his arm around her. I can see that she’s enjoying the attention very much. “Typical!” I thought. “Marie was always a bit of a flirt.”


Mini Skirt At The Party

I’ve eyed you across the room for awhile now. That short mini skirt first caught my attention and then I looked down at those long, smooth, sexy legs. I felt my cock jump at first sight of them. I glance at your legs crossing and uncrossing every few minutes and it gives me a brief view of your green thong.

Our eyes meet when you catch me staring at your long legs and the treasure that is between them. You gave me a smile and a little wink. I could see the devilish twinkle in your eye and I felt my bulge grow even larger. I was ready for anything except this… You stood up and walked across the room taking my hand and leading me to one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Once in the room you closed and locked the door and wrapped your arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, swirling your tongue inside my mouth and wrestling with my own tongue. You grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head and tossed it in a heap to the floor. You gently raked your nails across my muscular chest and ripped abs. I slowly unbuttoned your silky smooth blouse and slid it off your arms that were busy unbuttoning my jeans. I gazed at your bra-covered tits and yearned to suck on their nipples. I fumbled for a second with the clasp of your bra and finally removed it throwing it to the pile of clothes on the floor.


Shy Chinese Neighbor Wants Advice

The only thing on my mind while driving home from work on a sweaty day in mid-summer was to pull my suit pants off, get into my PJs, and laze around. Living alone I could afford to walk around the house dressed however the hell I wanted and enjoy the Friday afternoon heat in peace. I came in the door exhausted and slumped onto the couch.

Without my even thinking about it my hand slid into my pants, worked its way under the waste-band of my g-string, and rubbed and scratched at the small trail of short curly hairs growing above my vulva. Just as I unbuttoned my pants I heard the doorbell. I live in a condo with a security guard. We don’t get salespeople or Mormons, and since I didn’t have any plans for the night, I was curious who it would be at the door.

It was the little Asian girl who lives in the unit to the left of mine. I didn’t even know her name but I’d seen her in the elevator and coming and going in the halls a few times.

I opened the door and smiling warmly said, “Hey, what’s up, can I help you with something?”

She was nervous. She looked down for a moment and I felt like she was deciding whether or not to bolt back to her place and lock the door.

Finally she said, “I know we don’t really know each other but I need your advice with something. I really need to talk to you. Can I come in, or do you want to come to my place?”

The latter sounded interesting. I’d never seen any of the other condos in the building.

“OK, let’s go,” I replied, stepping out into the hall without even putting shoes on.

My curiosity was really peaked. I had no idea what she wanted but I was happy to go along and find out. Sometimes I can be too solitary of a person and I have had some of my life’s best experiences by taking advantage of sudden opportunities.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know your name.”

“My English name is Jacqueline, and yours?”

“Jane. So where you born in Ireland or…?”

“China. But I’ve been here for about 9 years. I came over as a student originally.”

She opened her door, which was unlocked, and I followed her inside. Her place was clean and very sparsely decorated. In the area to the left of the entrance way a couch stood away from any walls and facing a TV. There was a coffee table, a table in the kitchen to the right of the entrance way, which had a few chairs set out around it, and there was a large tank filled with brightly coloured exotic looking fish. The thing that I noticed most was the complete lack of any decoration on the walls. But because of their light colour, and the fact that all of the curtains were open, the place still seemed bright and cheery.

We sat on the couch and, still not knowing what exactly was up, I continued the conversation, learning that Jacqueline was 27 and worked in a travel agency. She seemed more relaxed now and I again caught the scent of wine on her breath that I had noted first at my front door. I was not wrong, as she got up and offered me a glass of a very nice red. I accepted happily, as I’d been planning on drinking anyway while watching movies.

Finally she got to the point I’d been waiting eagerly for.

“The reason I needed to talk to you so badly, Jane, has to do with my boyfriend. I really appreciate your coming over here, especially since we didn’t even know each other. Kary keeps asking me to do something and, deep down I really want to, but it is something that, I don’t know… it confuses me and it scares me too that if I do it I may regret it and feel… dirty.”


Highway Masturbation

My husband was away on business yet again. As is normal for us, we text back and forth trying to keep in touch. Silly little texts all morning long about how our days were going, flirting some but keeping it light as we were both pretty busy.

But somewhere around lunchtime his texts become slightly naughty. He had never done this before so it completely caught me off guard. He texted saying he missed me which is nothing new, but went on to type he missed not just me but very specific parts of me, his favorite parts of me. He described those favorite parts in great detail, the way my nipples looked all puckered up with desire, desire he caused with his hands and his mouth. The supple skin that starts on the underside of my breast and continues along my rib cage and how when he traces it with his fingertip it makes me giggle. The back of my knee and the goose bumps that a lick of his tongue can cause. My long fingers and how they softly grace his own skin.

I could not keep my eyes off the screen of the phone as I anticipated every text and they were really starting to heat me up. I only encouraged him by describing how my body was responding to his words; my nipples were stiffening and I could feel them rub against the silky material of my bra. My pussy was starting to pulsate and began moistening my panties. I was chewing on my lower lip.

This only egged him on and made his texts even dirtier. He was becoming more descriptive telling me what he now wanted to do to me. His mouth wanted to take in the hard nubs of my breasts, suck profusely until they were achingly stiff and then tease them with a flick of his tongue. His tongue desired to swirl its wetness in my belly button and then trail southward to warmer more parts. Then he wanted to take my toes in his mouth, savoring them and then softly suck until I was wiggling uncontrollably. I was starting to squirm in my chair with the pictures he was painting in my mind.

About mid afternoon, he texted that he was in a boardroom style meeting and had a raging hard on that was only being controlled by the waistband of his slacks and thankfully concealed by his sweater. He wished he could rub his palm up and down his hard cock a few times and how if we kept up this texting he was going to fly home early so he could pick me up, throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out. I envisioned him at this meeting with his pants tented and giggled.

I proceeded to text back how I wanted to walk right into that boardroom with high heels, skirt taught against my ass and nipples pricking through my blouse and my shoes clicking on hardwood flooring, kneel before him, unzip his pants, grasp his stiff cock, lick the precum then envelope his swollen purple head with my hot wet lips and let him slide down the length of my warm tongue. He could then sit back and watch my head bob up and down in his lap while he felt the pleasurable skill of my mouth on his rigid cock.


Kristine At the Restaurant

“Don’t you want to fuck me too?”

The 18-year-old babysitter’s words echoed in my mind in the next few days at my soulless office, which was lit in a permanent florescent noonday glow. The night after she gave me the blowjob, I paid Kristine for her time babysitting, and told her to go home. As much as I wanted to take her up to my bedroom and have my way with her, I simply couldn’t risk the fact that my son might hear us.

After his mother’s passing Luke had had trouble at school. Not acting out, really, more like the opposite. He withdrew and stayed alone on the playground. A teacher found him sitting in the sandbox where the younger children play, quietly sifting the sand through his hands, staring into the dust it stirred up when it hit the ground.

“It’s like he’s having an existential crisis, and he’s only ten,” Mrs. Lehmann, the school counselor, told me. She didn’t know if this was normal behavior for children who had lost parents. She didn’t have any recommendations, except that I keep an eye on him and try to get him to talk about his feelings, which I did anyway. Her eyes were visibly moist, and when she talked about the teacher finding Luke alone with the sand she even seemed to suppress a sob.

I didn’t know if it was normal for counselors to be unable to control their emotions, and I decided it didn’t matter. I had a hard time myself sometimes.

For this reason and many others, I decided I could not see Kristine again. The moments of lust that we had shared for time that she was stretched across my lap and while she sucked my cock had been a welcome change from the constant drudgery of my life after my wife’s death, which consisted of the gym, office and home. I loved my son and I loved every moment that I was able to spend with him, but I sorely missed my wife’s touch. For the first few months after her passing, I couldn’t be aroused by anything.

I even tried sleeping with a friend of my wife’s who had more or less thrown herself at me during the funeral. She was a quite attractive 40-year-old mother of two who was in great shape from her job teaching bikram yoga. We fucked for almost an hour in a variety of positions until I had to admit to her that I couldn’t feel anything and was never going to cum. She never called me back afterwards, even though she assured me that she understood. I went months without even thinking about sex. Kristine had been the first to change this.

After my decision not to see Kristine anymore, I had to hire a new babysitter. I really disliked the process. Mike, my poker buddy, had recommended Kristine to me because his oldest daughter was a classmate of hers. I couldn’t ask him for another recommendation without telling him about our encounter. I went through the process of placing ads. I knew that I was going to have to explain to Luke at some point why Kristine wasn’t coming back, so I stayed around the house for the next several weeks and did without seeing my friends or any kind of adult contact outside of work.

In the meantime, several calls came from local girls who wanted to babysit. I interviewed three of them, but they all seemed immature. I considered hiring a 19-year-old college student named Katie who seemed responsible enough, but when she mentioned her boyfriend I couldn’t help but flash back to the night I saw Kristine giving head to her friend from school, and so I told her I’d think it over, but I never called her back. I couldn’t risk hiring a slutty sitter for a second time.

Finally, I ran into an older woman from the church we used to go to who offered to sit for Luke anytime that I wanted to go out. She told me that her daughter, recently divorced, was ready to date again. Thinking I should take my mind off of Kristine, I decided to take the woman up on her offer, and to give her daughter a call as well.

Her daughter’s name was Mara, she was 28 years old, and she worked in human resources for a local company but was passionate about writing. I had no idea what this particular combination of qualities would add up to in person.

She was obviously expecting my call, so we moved past the formalities quickly and arranged to meet at a local TGI Fridays. I was afraid my choice of restaurant would insult her writerly pretensions but we both lived nearby and the closest non-chain restaurant was an hour in every direction.

As Friday approached, I was nervous about the date, but not for the normal reasons. I was afraid of disappointing Mara because of my general apathy; I was afraid she would feel like I was using her as a foothold on my way out of my pit of despair.

She was already at the bar when I arrived. I recognized her from the pictures we had exchanged via e-mail. She had dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and a sympathetic face. Thankfully she was slim, which was by no means something that goes without saying the in Midwestern united states. I was relieved to see her drinking beer, and a Samuel Adams at that, which spoke volumes for our potential future compatibility.

We sat at a booth and ordered an appetizer, an assortment of small bits of food, each of which had lost its individual particularities of appearance and flavor during its trip through the deep fryer. I was relieved to discover that Mara was not a vegan.

After the appetizer, our beers were almost empty. Now was the time to decide whether or not we would have a second drink. Mara had proven herself to be an engaging conversationalist. She had worked for newspapers, had lived abroad, and had taken the job in the HR firm as a way to save money before launching a career as a freelancer. I was pleasantly surprised.

As we asked the waitress for another round, my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. Thinking it might be from Mara’s mom who was sitting for Luke, I excused myself quickly and took it out to read it. I was completely unprepared for what it said:

“Hi Mr Richards. So you decided to come see me at my new job? I’ll meet you in the men’s room in 5 min. – Kristine.”


Girls Night Out In Sexy Text Messages

A month ago my wife Kim was invited to a friend’s 40th birthday celebration. Angela planned to have a girly night at a hotel in a nearby town and Kim and four other women were invited.

Kim was uncertain whether to go or not as she’s 49, so she’s about ten years older than the rest of them and she had found that previous social events with this group were a bit noisier than she really liked. Not that they were particularly rowdy, but Kim is rather quiet and conservative and doesn’t normally drink much.

However I told her she ought to go. It would give her a break from the domestic routine and provide a chance to relax and recharge her batteries. I think what swung the balance was when she found that she would be sharing a room with Angela. Although she knew the other women well (they were all involved in the parent teachers association for our local high school) she was definitely much more friendly with Angela than the others.

The plan was for them to check into the hotel early on the Saturday afternoon, spend a bit of time in the spa and pool, and then go out for a meal in the evening.

Kim isn’t vain, but she does like to look nice and she asked my advice about what she should wear on the Saturday evening. They were going to a reasonably smart restaurant, so she had picked out a stylish dress which I thoroughly approved of.

“What do you think about underwear?” she asked, knowing that it’s an area I normally take a keen interest in.

“Well you’ve a choice — sensible or sexy — which do you feel like?”

She said she didn’t know which was best, so I suggested that as she had plenty of room in her case she might as well take both, then she could put on whatever suited her mood in the evening. She nodded in agreement to that and as well as some sensible, comfy underwear she also packed a lacy black bra and pants set, plus some lovely lace-topped hold-ups which I had bought her recently.

Not surprisingly I had a definite preference for the sexy underwear, but funnily enough I felt that Kim would be more likely to wear them if I left the choice to her and didn’t try and tell her what to wear.

I was enjoying helping her pack and the idea of my lovely wife going out in a smart dress and with her best underwear on was distinctly arousing. After we had been married for several years I had rather hesitantly confided in her that I did sometimes fantasize about her having sex with other men.

She was surprised and rather shocked, but fortunately she wasn’t actually upset. I should add that Kim was a virgin when I met her and throughout our nearly thirty years of marriage we have always been faithful to each other. Anyway she said nothing was ever going to happen, but the subject did crop up occasionally in our pillow talk and we seemed to settle on it as an agreeable fantasy.

The fact that Kim found it okay as a fantasy made me hope that one day it might actually be realized. Clearly this night out had the potential for something to happen and that was added to by a few bits of information I knew about some of the other women. I knew that Angela occasionally went out to clubs with Denise who was divorced. Bearing in mind that Kim had told me that Angela and her husband hadn’t had sex for 18 months I found it hard to believe that there weren’t times when things happened on those nights out.

So there was definitely a subtext to this night out and if nothing else I had a pleasant time mentally running through (and picturing!) the possibilities. Nothing was actually said, but I’m sure that Kim had at least an inkling of what I was thinking.

Anyway Kim set off to pick up Angela and one of the other women at lunchtime on the Saturday and as the hotel was only twenty miles away it wasn’t long before I got a text saying they had arrived safely. The next I heard was in the early evening when my phone beeped.

All going well. Hotel is great. Off out for meal soon. Luv u. Kim. xxx

I tapped out a reply.

Good. I hope u have a lovely evening. What undies did u choose?

My phone soon beeped again and I smiled at the reply.

Trust u to ask that. I chose the sexy ones. xxx

Nice! Have fun!


Julia Sends a Text Message

Hi there. My name is Raymond Ryan and we haven’t met before. I am male, white Caucasian, of average height and build, and thirty-seven years old. I am a college lecturer, specialising in mathematics and science. I teach pupils of all abilities from the age of eighteen upwards. I enjoy my work immensely and believe that I am pretty good at what I do. I have a very healthy and active sex life with my thirty-five year old partner Julie, who has been living with me for three years in my apartment in Kingston, near London, England. Julie and I have played out many wonderful sexual fantasies in the last few years. Among other things, one of our teases is to send each other rude or suggestive text messages from our mobile phones.

When I gave my mobile phone number to my class of twelve A-level mathematics students, my motivation was purely to be there and available to them should they need any help with their course. I hold an after college study class and occasionally two or three of the more enthusiastic students will attend a study group at my apartment on a Saturday morning. Three of the class, in particular, Julia, Emma and Darren, regularly attend on Saturday mornings. All three are capable students and Julie and I both enjoy their company when they visit our home. As a result, I have their mobile phone numbers stored in my phone.

My life changed when I sent this message; “I can’t wait to get into your knickers,” to the student of mine called Julia, instead of to my partner Julie. It was not until I received a reply that I realised that I had made a stupid mistake, but the message I got back made me catch my breath and it changed my life, forever.

Julia texted back “mmm yes my pussy is wet for your touch.”

I could not help but imagine Julia in my mind, with her skirt around her narrow waist, phone in one hand, other hand in her knickers, with a finger in her pussy rubbing her clitoris. I know Julia quite well having taught her for nearly a year now. Most people would describe her as very attractive. She’s a bright girl of nineteen, and originally from Mozambique in Africa. I realised, immediately, that I had made a gross error that could seriously threaten my job. Straight away I started to compose a reply to her text, full of apologies, explaining that the text message I had sent her, had been meant for Julie instead.

As I was doing this, I heard the sound of keys in the front door, which opened and Julie entered our apartment. Out of a sense of fear that Julie would suspect me of intentionally seducing a student of mine, I hastily put my phone down on the table, with the reply half written, and went to welcome her at the door. The kiss I gave her in greeting was passionate, maybe more so than she was expecting. She responded in kind and, very soon, we were kissing so hard that my tongue must have been half way down her throat. She tasted good; in fact, she always tastes good. I held her in a tight embrace, winding the fingers of my left hand into her soft dark hair, my right hand caressing the small of her back through the material of her suit. However, I was still struggling to free my mind from the earlier mental image of Julia masturbating. I fleetingly imagined that I was trading tongues with my student instead of my partner. Everything considered, I found myself becoming aroused and Julie noticed this too.

We were disturbed when my phone made that bleeping sound that informs you that a message has been received. Before I could react, Julie reached over to the table and picked up my phone to hand it to me. Like in a sit-com series, she did one of those classic double take things with her head and eyes as she glanced at the text still displayed on my screen. The one I had been in the process of writing before she came home.

She handed my phone to me and said, rather more deliberately than is usually necessary, “Ray. Is there anything you feel you should share with me?” She raised an eyebrow, fixing me with a questioning stare from piercing green eyes.

Believing that when in a sticky situation telling the truth is the best policy, I confessed to her that I had sent a text meant for her, to Julia instead. She laughed thinking that it was amusing.

I cautioned her, saying, “It’s not funny, I could loose my job because of this. Plus, there’s a further complication. I got a reply from Julia which might cause even further embarrassment.”


Elevator Ride

Standing alone in his dorm room John pondered what his next move should be. It was Christmas break and there was barely anyone left on campus. Looking around he saw the picture of his family sitting on his dresser which was empty due to having no class over the break. Sitting to the right of that was his laptop which was open to facebook, his usual procedure to burn a couple hours while having nothing to do. 

His dorm room was really quite empty, except for a Chicago Bulls calendar and some family photos, the walls were bare. He never really was the decorating type, he always thought when he found the right girl she would decorate their house for them. In truth he really didn’t care that much, he was fine with the walls being empty; it was always the people who visited him who had the problem, always saying how his room was so bland and boring, he didn’t care. 

As he began to pace thoughts returned to what he was going to eat for dinner. Since it was Christmas break the cafeteria was closed, so he couldn’t count on that. There was always Burger King a couple blocks down he thought. With how cold it was outside in the dead of winter, traveling down the block really wasn’t appealing. 

So with that in mind he was going to the ole standby and gets some food out of the vending machines. Crossing the floor he readjusted his sweat pants and made sure everything was in order. Opening the door he reached down and re-adjusted himself and started walking down the halls. With no one around he really didn’t have to worry about crashing into someone with his hands down his pants. 

The walls were a boring white color, with every ten feet or so a new room with a corresponding number. His room was number 10, which was perfect because it was right in the middle of the hall which meant it was right across from the bathroom. Sure that meant hearing the door open and close during the night, but on those drunken nights when you have to get to the bathroom quick, nothing was better. His floor was completely abandoned; he was the only soul living there the entire month. He kind of liked it that way, but it also got lonely. 

This was the first time he wasn’t able to go home for the holidays because his parents were on a cruise they book months ahead of time. They didn’t think about him of course, they never did. As he walked by room number six, he could smell the sweet scent of pot. His friend George lived in that room and was a huge pothead, always skipping class to go get high with his girlfriend, but naturally a straight A student. 

Reaching the elevator he clicked the button and only had to wait a matter of seconds before the elevator arrived, another perk of being one of the few in the building. His building was newly renovated so the elevators were exceptionally nice, wood panels and carpeted floors. The amber colored floor brought out the wood of the elevator but looked strange next to the white walls of his floor. Each floor had different colored walls ranging from light blue, white, to brown and even red. He always thought he picked the right floor sense he was always told he had a boring personality.

The elevator slowly descended until it reached the lobby and he exited onto the ceramic tile. Walking across the floor he could hear his footsteps slap the tile, echoing around the corridor. With the lobby vending machines down the hallways on the right, he walked that direction. As he turned the corner he could hear grunts and heavy breathing from where the vending machines were. A metallic crack sounded off into the air as if someone was kicking the machine. With his heart beat quickened he picked up the pace to see if someone needed help. 

“You piece of crap give me my Snickers bar!” he heard a women scream down the hall. 

It was nice to hear another person’s voice he though, you get cabin fever after being alone for too long. In his mind he was going over all the scenarios of what she could look like. With his luck it was be some girl he was not attracted to, he never caught the breaks. 

Before turning the corner he called out, “Do you need help?” he was hoping that she did.

“Oh thank god, I’m starving and this machine won’t give me my candy bar,” she yelled back.

As he turned the corner he saw the source of the voice, and it took his breath away. Standing ten feet away was the most elegant women he had ever seen. Standing perpendicular to the machine he could see she was thin, around 5’10 and had beautiful brown hair about shoulder length. Even though it was winter she had pink short shorts on that left little to the imagination. Her cream colored appeared soft and smooth. To top it off was a white Illinois State sweatshirt that appeared brand new. Our eyes meeting for the first time seemed to go on forever, but was really only a second on two. 

Visually regaining her composure she brushed some hair away from her face before putting them on her hips.

“I’m sorry but I’m really hungry and this dumb machine won’t work,” she explained. 

Closing the gap between the two of them, he walked right up next to the machine to get a closer look. 

“Well it looks to me as if your candy bar won’t fall,” he said jokingly. 

Throwing her hands up in the air she said, “Well duh smarty pants.”

Breaking his attention away from the machine he came face to face with her and could smell her delicious perfume. She smelled of strawberries. Looking directly into her eyes he was about to speak when she got her words out first.

“Hey I’m Carol”

“Nice to meet you I’m John, what are you doing here, its Christmas break shouldn’t you be at home with your family?

“I would but I work at the community center down Williams’s road doing charity work over the holidays. How about you, what are you still doing here?”

Looking back toward the machine his hands started to lightly shake the device hoping he could cause the food to fall. 

“My parents thought it was a good idea to go on a vacation without me,” he explained while tending to his task of helping the girl out. 

While he was trying different way to get the candy for her they made small talk about how abandoned the campus was and how there was no where to eat. Thus explaining why the both went to the vending machines for food. After a minute or two and more rough housing the machine, the candy finally dropped. 

“Ah there we go,” he said as he put his hand into the slot and handed her the candy bar. 

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what I was going to do if this didn’t work out.”

“Not a problem, glad to help,” he said

“Well it was nice meeting you John, I won’t forget this,” she said as she turned to walk away. 

They shared a smile and like that she started to walk away. Naturally when a good looking girl is in need of help, it’s one that doesn’t find him attractive he thought. Hearing her footsteps he wished he would have asked for her number, an opportunity like that doesn’t happen every day. She had to be the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and he just let her walk away.

As he kept kicking himself over the mistake, and picking out his food, which of course was Doritos, his favorite chips, he could hear footsteps coming closer to him. As he bent over taking his bag of chips out of the slot, he looked back and saw Carol walking back toward him. His mind began to race, why is she walking back to me for he thought. A smile spread across her face as she walked up next to him.

“Hey by any chance would you be interested in hanging out? I’m very bored and you look like a nice enough guy to hang out with.” 

The sound of her voice was enthralling, all he knew was the wanted to keep hearing it. 

“Yea sure, that sounds like a great idea. I really don’t know what there is to do but I’m sure we can think of something.” 

With that we take off from the vending machine down the hallway. For some reason the hallways seem just a little brighter than when I arrived just ten minutes earlier. We decide that neither of us was ready to go back to our rooms so walking sounded right. Luckily we had the largest dorm on campus and had plenty of places to walk around. 

As were walking we talk about our roommates and how we both despise them. It turns out she is from Michigan and wants to be a nurse, pretty much all small talk. Her charity work resolves around her cooking the meals for the elderly at the community center. 

Making their way around the dorm the flow of conversation goes from the normal how is your day type of chit chats to more personal questions. After walking around for about twenty minutes he stops in front of the elevator.

“I have grown tired of walking,” he said with a laugh, “but I would still appreciate your company so would you be interested in joining me to my room; we could watch a movie or something?”

He had no idea where that came from, it was so unlike him. But after talking and walking around with her, perhaps he had become more comfortable than he thought. He wasn’t even worried she would say no, a rush of adrenaline came bursting through his veins and he knew she would say yes. 

With a wide grin on her face she says, “Wow, you really are confident in yourself aren’t you.” Pausing for a second before he could answer she continued, “But I like that, normally guys around me are nervous, but not you.”

“Well that settles it then,” he said. 

Turning his back he reached for the elevator button and pressed it, it grew an orange color. Almost immediately the elevator dinged indicating it was there and the doors opened. Wasting no time Carol walked into the elevator and moved into the right back corner. With John following, he walked in pressed the button for the 9th floor and turned around facing her. Carol was leaning against the wall with her arms holding onto the side railing. Wasting no time, without even asking for permission John walking right up to her and planted a kiss on her lips. 


Beach Goddess

There is not a cloud in the sky on this beautiful summer day. The waters of the Med are just as blue. I’m sitting on my beach towel feeling as horny as hell, pretty normal for an 18 year old guy enjoying all the girls in their little bathing suits. And then I see her and suddenly there hardly seems enough room in my swim trunks.

She is tall and lean, with a sun bronzed body and flowing blonde hair. I watch as she steps down to the water and plunges in. I adjust my posture so that my erection doesn’t show. A few minutes later he rises up out of the water like some goddess of old. It is the most erotic sight I have ever seen and I just about shoot my bolt.

Water drips down her flat belly. Her big, firm tits jut out in front of her as she walks. She smiles, for no reason other than it is a beautiful day, and reveals pure white teeth. Everything about her is just perfect and she is driving me crazy with lust. And then, to my amazement , she seems to be headed straight in my direction. I can feel my heart start to thump as a sweat breaks out on my forehead.

My Girlfriends Mother

My girlfriend Elsie told me her mother, Linda, was going to stay the weekend with us. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but it was the beginning of an incredible summer.

I was 23 when I met Elsie. Elsie was 22. We had been dating for about a year and living together for almost 6 months. She was a dancer at one of the local gentleman’s clubs. I had no problem with her being a dancer. When she came home, she was usually very horny and our sex life was very good.

When I first met her mother Linda, we hit it off well. Linda was in her mid-forties and was a hairdresser. She was very classy-looking….I saw where Elsie got her body. A woman in her late forties, Linda looked incredible. She had been dating Ted for about a year, but their relationship was in trouble, so she wanted to get away for a few days.

Back to the weekend that started it all……

Elsie was called in to work Friday night until closing; she asked me to spend time with her mother, which I didn’t mind at all. Linda and I had dinner at the house. Linda loved wine, so we had a few glasses and were totally relaxed. We had great conversation and laughed a lot. We were borderline tipsy.

Linda suddenly said, “Elsie tells me you take very good care of her. I appreciate that you take good care of my baby girl.”

I was flattered and told her how much I liked Elsie.

Linda continued, “You know, Elsie tells me everything. And I mean, everything.”

I got a little nervous, wondering what she was implying.

“You fuck my daughter great and she loves it. She tells me you’re a fantastic pussy eater as well. Ted doesn’t eat pussy.”